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We're Moving!

Alright moonaholics, it's about time to move things to a less ad riddled hosting service. This site will be left up, but I won't be doing my updates here anymore. From now on, all new updates will happen at:
Oh and afraid future updates aren't happening until I get the site moved over but I'll post there as soon as all the moving is done. Hope to see you there!

Okay Moon-fans, in honor of our favorite Sailors getting a rebooted series, I've made the tiniest possible update. Three previously unreleased pages are added to "Old Enemy Revisited". I had forgotten these pages were already finished and could barely remember angelfire's login password. I'm thinking about doing a dirty upload of the remaining pages I've drawn, meaning no cleanup or retyping dialogue. **SPOILERS** The story is finished up to the Sailors almost standing on Emperor Shade's doorstep in the Astro-Plain. But I haven't drawn anything new in years and don't have any immediate plans to do so. Thanks to everyone who has visited this site all these years it's been up and running!
Alright Moonaholics, my appologies for letting the holidays slow me down but we have our first honest to goodness new update in quite some time. I've already scanned in the rest of the pages to this story so future updates should come around a lot easier. I'm slowly catching up to what I've last drawn (since I haven't actually completed this entire series). So I had best start drawing up some fresh pages as well between updates or things will slow down once again. Till next time!

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