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Lyons, Co  July 28-30

Planet Bluegrass

27th Annual Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Festival


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This is a shot from the Meadow Park Campground we stayed at.

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This is a sweet little thang!

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I Totally loved the silo that was decorated up for the show.  It also had a great Aspen tree growing right inside of it.

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The Rhonda Vincent Band put on a great show.  The fiddle player, Mike Cleveland(he's only 19!)tore up that fiddle!

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Ricky Skaggs & Doc Watson's set was just beautiful.   They played traditional bluegrass and old time songs.

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Ralph Stanely was great!  His Clinch Mountain Boys put on their usual great show, playing all the old Carter Brothers songs, and featured Jim Lauderdale on vocals and guitar for the last few songs of their wonderful set.  Fiddle player James Price(AKA Johnny Cash)took his playing to new hieghts during the Orange Blossom Special that closed out the set.  Ralph Stanelys son, Ralph Stanely the 2nd, and Mandolin player John Rigsby were both in top form.

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