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Icelandic Horses of Ryder Ranch

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My name is JudyRyder Duffy;
we live in Arizona and have five Icelandic Horses,
one Tennessee Walker, and one Missouri Fox Trotter.
I enjoy working with the horses and trail riding.


We use several methods to train our horses:

button Natural Horsemanship

buttonParelli (PNH)

buttonClicker Training (Operant Conditioning)

buttonPassive Leadership


buttonalong with other gentle methods

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If you listen to your horse with more than your ears, you will hear him talking to you.

"Some people, who as soon as they have got upon a young horse, fancy that by beating and spurring they will make him a trained horse in one morning only. I would fain ask such stupid people, whether by beating a boy, they could teach him to read without first showing him his alphabet."
William Cavendish, Marquis of Newcastle (1743)

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