The Hardy Boys Page
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The Hardy Boys Page

Hi my name is James and this is my hardy boys Home Page. It is getting there so keep it bookmarked. It used to be at but I moved it. But getting to the subject the Hardy Boys series is about two brothers who live in Bayport. Their names are Frank - dark haired, serious, and 2 years older then his younger brother- and Joe - blond hair, and likes a joke. They are sons of the crack detective Fenton Hardy once a Bayport police officer then he became a private detective. And they seem to inherit it. They take on cases like terrorism, burglery, bomb theats etc... indangering their lives in the process. Their friends are Chett (who is too fond of food) Biff, Iola, and Callie. Hardy Boys are now avaliable on T.V in the U.S but the books are more enjoyable. You can get the books from any local library. Pretty soon I will include a Hardy Boys Club it will include: Meeting in chat rooms E-mailing each other And keeping each other up to date with the new books etc.. I am going to start a link page so if any one wants to have their URL in it just leave a message in the guest book Please go to my GuestBook

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