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This page contributed by Vikie.

With a piercing weapon you can silently backstab an enemy, and dp extra damage. Of course, a combat will be the result.
DISARM Allows you to disarm an enemy, thus making his attacks much less effective.
HIDE Usefull against some aggromobs, that can see invis. Doesnt help against truesight.
HURL Sometimes you can't fight all mobs in a room. Just divida et impera.
KICK A more effective weaponless attack.
PEEK Allows you to see another person's inventory when you look at them. Be careful when looking at vampires.
PICK LOCK Why should you seek the key, if you can open a chest this way :).
RESCUE With this skill you can rescue another player from a desperate fight.
SNEAK They don't need to hear you, don't they? This prevents people from seeing when you enter a room.
STEAL You can always try to get a qitem this way, but if you fail...
PUNCH Another advanced weaponless combat technicque.
MOUNT For when you just don't feel like walking and must ride in style. Goes well with the mount spell.
BERSERK Does simultaenous attacks against several people in room. Careful though it has a long recovery time and you might piss off the wrong person.
FASTDRAW Who sheaths weapons anyway?
SCAN Its usefull to know whats behind the next corner.
TRACK Helpfull while searching q-mobs.