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Using Quest Points

This page was donated by Vikie.

I am going try to explain on this page, how to use QPs. What you use QPs for depends heavily on your race, and will be explained in the different race files.

First of, don't waste QPs trying to upgrade ordinary equipment. I don't know of any equipment you can find laying around or at a mob that is worth putting your precious QPs in. A normal item can hold 400 QPs. Qitems can hold 800 QPs, improved qitems 1350 QPs, qweapons 1600 QPs and improved qweapons 2700 QPs. You'll just need to find a mage who's willing to improve your qitems :). And last you get another bonus of 10 for each point of status (yes, that means the weapon of a real great player holds 2950 QPs, or even up to 4000 QPs, if he payed BUCKs for them :). Only bonuses are included in this maxima. They will be written RED in this page.

So the first thing to do is to create a quest item. This is done with the syntax:


where type is one of the following types: Light (10 QP), Weapon <type> (50 QP), Armor (30 QP), Container (10 QP), Boat (10 QP), Fountain <type> (10 QP), Stake (10 QP)

Then you should set a new name for that item (till now the name is ball):


If you have a look at your inventory, you'll still see a "ball of protoplasm". So change the short description

QUEST name SHORT short description

If you like, you can set a LONG description as well (thats what you see when you look at it)

Lets imagine you still have two hands. So you'll need two rings. By CLONING one of them, you safe some QPs.


This costs exactly the number of QPs as the ident spell shows plus some gold, but as minimum 5QPs and 10 gold. When you use it with an qitem thats worth more then 5 QPs you safe all that naming and wearing etc. QPs  :)

One of the most important reasons to make qitems (at least for mages) is to get some Protection. Each qitem offers possibly -75 ac (-50 w/out and -75 w/ improve :). Each point of AC costs 10 QP. The maximum on an normal item is -25ac.

QUEST name AC #

Another good use for QPs is to get Hit/Dam bonusses. It's real awefull, when you fight a mob for 30 mins, cause neither side can score a hit. What I heard, Hit of around 500 should suffice for most mobs (players are another thing :). Each point costs 30 QPs. The maximum on an normal item is 5 each.

QUEST name HIT#   or   QUEST nameDAM #

Getting stats higher then 18 is also worth a try. Each normal item can hold up to 3 bonus attribut points, each costing 20QPs. Remember though, the max. stat is 25 (so why waste qitem space when a giant spell suffices). att: Str, Dex, Int, Wis, Con

QUEST name att #

If you still haven't used up all your QPs (or maxima), think about getting some more hp, mana, or move. Max. 25 on a normal item for 5QPs each.

QUEST name HP# or QUESTname MANA # or QUEST name MOVE #

Now we come down to the different types of qitems. To use a armor item, you'll have to select a wear location for 20 QPs.

QUEST name WEAR type

Type is: head, face, neck(2), body, arms, wrist(2), hand, finger(2), body, around, waist, legs, feet.

If you create a weapon, you can set other things as well:

QUEST name MIN#  or  QUESTname MAX#

sets min/max damage on weapon at 1 QP per point.

QUEST name WEAPON type

sets weapon type for 10 QP. Type: Slice, Stab, Slash, Whip, Claw, Blast, Pound, Crush, Pierce, or Suck.

QUEST name EXTRA type

adds or removes an extra: Glow(1/1), Hum(1/1), Invis(1/1), Anti-Good(1/10), Anti-Neutral(1/10),Anti-Evil(1/10), Loyal(10/1).


Spell power for spell weapons.  Costs 1 QP per power point.

QUEST name SPELL type

Spell weapons: Acid, Dark, Holy, Vampiric, Flaming, Electrified, Poisonous.
Spell affects: Blind, Seeinvis, Fly, Infravision, Invis, Passdoor, Protection,
Sanct, Sneak, Shockshield, Fireshield, Iceshield, Acidshield. 50 QPs each.


Future transportation to that room.  Costs 50 QP.


Sets special flags. Type: activate/twist/press/pull. 1QP.

QUEST name type

Renames for transporter actions. Type: You-in/You-out/Other-in/Other-out
You-wear/You-remove/You-use: What you see when you wear/remove/use.
Other-wear/Other-remove/Other-use: What others see when you wear/remove/use. 1QP.

And last, if you still want to waste QPs for non created items, you can change its weight to 1 for 10 QPs.