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Champions of Good, Paladins defend the helpless from evil at every oppurtunity. They specialize in mounted combat, riding their trusty steeds into battle. Their white armor glows as they charge into battle, slaying minions of evil with Holy Avengers. It has been said that the only way to live through a paladin's attack is not to be around when it happens.

Top | Common Commands | Aura Powers

Paladins use aura points in order to gain their powers. Aura points are gained from killing mobs and defeating other players in battle, just like demon points. The stronger the mob, or the more experience the other player has the more aura points are earned.


Top | Common Commands | Aura Powers

Scry - Attempts to see through the eyes of a target to find them.

Charge - This allows the paladin to charge into battle.

Holytoughness - This allows the paladinto absorb more damage.

Holybless - This improves the paladins hitroll/damroll/armor class.

Joust - This enables a special joust attack.