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Newbie Training Camp

Here is a quick guide to help you when you start on a mud. First you need to find one. You can try out the links on my Active GW's page, or check out the Mudconnector.

After you decide and enter the GW, you will usually see a MOTD(message of the day)screen. Make sure to read it as a good Godwars MUD will have relevant information in it. When you are done reading it, press enter and you will find yourself in the game.

You will probably find yourself in the room with the mud spirit in it. Try to type "autostance bull". If this works, you will use the bull stance whenever you fight. If it doesn't, that means you will have to "stance bull" whenever you want to kill something. Stances give you various bonuses to combat and are worth learning. To learn more about them type "help stance". In fact its a good idea to always try "help" before asking questions from other players.

Next you will need equipment. Type "newbiepack". On some muds you will then get a set of equipment. If it is black shimmering, type "align evil". This switches your alignment to evil, which is needed cause the armor is evil. Then drop the buckler and lantern. This is because you will want to fight with a weapon in each hand(or one weapon and a light source) so you won't need the buckler. The lantern has been bugged in every GW I have seen so its plain useless. Then type "wear all" and you should put everything else on. Check yourself with "inv" to see what you are holding, and "eq" to see what you are wearing. If you have a bag or pack make sure to "look in" it to see if there are any more goodies. If you typed "newbiepack" and you got another kind of armor, wear it and if the items get zapped off you try "align good" and "align evil".

If you didn't get any equipment from "newbiepack", don't despair. Type "who" and see if anyone is on. If so type "chat Could someone get me some equipment please, preferably black shimmering." Chat is the general channel for everyone to talk ooc(out of character). If someone is nice, they will get you a set. Otherwise you need to look at the spirit and type "say sword", "say dagger", "say vest", and "say banner". This will get you some basic equipment. Then head north through the mudschool and look for the monsters to kill them. Type "get all corpse" to get items out of their bodies.

Now that you have equipment type "help claim". This is very important because if you claim your equipment, it returns when you die and saves you having to find more equipment.

Ok, Now you are ready to start. Before you can save the game you will need at least five kills. If you are at the spirit, type "open south" and go south into the arena. Kill five creatures and then go up. If you had to go through mudschool for equipment type "recall", "up", "open south", "south". This should get you to the arena.

Note that recall is a good command to remember. It brings you to your home room. The default place is usually the executioner(or godzilla or other big nasty). If you ever want to change your recall, go to the room you want to recall to, and type "home here". Note that you can't recall if you are cursed or in a norecall area so be careful. Ok you have equipment, you know about stances, and your character is saved. Its time to learn more how to play. Godwars is NOT a level based game. It is all on race, skills, and spells. You earn experience by killing mobs and convert them to what you feel is neccesary to kill other players. You will start out as mortal. This means that you can't be killed by other players, but mobs(the nonplayer monsters) can, you get hungry and thirsty, and your alignment changes around as you kill good and evil mobs. When you go avatar, other players can(and will) kill you, but mobs can't and you don't need to eat or drink. Type "train". This will bring up a list looking like this:
Stats: Str Int Wis Dex Con.
Avatar - 1000 exp
Hp - 5000 exp per point.
Mana - 1489 exp per point.
Move - 1484 exp per point.
Primal - 500 exp per point of primal energy.
Natural resistances and immunities - 10000 exp each.
Weapon resistances: Slash Stab Smash Beast Grab.
Magical immunities: Charm Heat Cold Lightning Acid Sleep Drain Voodoo.
Skill immunities: Hurl Backstab Kick Disarm Steal.

At the top is the stats. Those are the first things you want to train as they are cheap(200 exp). Next is avatar. Do NOT train that until you feel ready to be in player to player combat. Next is hit/mana/move. You want to raise these as much as possible so you can take more damage, cast more spells, and use more special powers. After that is primal. Primal is used for questing and some class powers. Next is resistances and immunities. You will want to get them quickly, starting with the weapon resistances and drain. Note that the cost to train hp/mana/move/primal/resistances/immunites goes up the more you know.

Now type "practice". This will bring up a list of spells and skills you can learn. I suggest you start with the following: Heal, clot, mend, regenerate, energyflux, soulblade. Heal is a good spell to get your hps up so you don't die so quickly. Clot, mend, and regenerate are all vital when you lose limbs. Soulblade is a nifty weapon that is useful for beginners.

Next type "level" This will bring up a list of weapons, spells colors, and stances. Each starts at 0 and goes up as you do that act. For example wield a slicing weapon to improve slice, cast a red spell to increase red, and stay in a stance while you are fighting to improve that stance. As you improve in that area, you do better. Weapons hit harder, spells do more damage, and you dodge and absorb attacks. 200 is the normal max.

Now type "note". If you get a note read it then type "note" again until there are no notes. Otherwise try to type "note list". If that brings up a list of notes you need to type "note read 1", "note read 2", etc. These notes may contain some good information to stop you from asking what others to be consider dumb questions.

And finally, you will want to find out what race you want to be. First type "help classes", "help races" and "help reqs". If you don't get any information then chat and ask what races there are and what the requirements to be them are.

Go get experience, improve your character, and when ready train avatar and get your class. Good places for new people to get experience is the arena(recall, up, open south, south". Midgaard(recall, south), and Elemental Canyon(recall, 2 south, 6 east, 4 south, 2 east, 1 south, two east, down, south up).

Good hunting.