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Useful Items

Training Weapons

Unarmed: Close your hands. Look down. See your fists? Thats unarmed.
Slash: sub-issue sword. Type "say sword" at the spirit above executioner.
Slice: knuckles. Minotaur ring-keeper in Mahn-Tor.
Stab: poseidon's trident. Poseidon in Olympus
Pierce: sub-issue dagger. Type "say dagger" at the spirit above executioner.
Pound: sub-issue mace. Type "say mace" at the spirit above executioner.
Crush: copper hammer. Draconian in Draconia.
Bite: sting. Keeper of the ring in the Shire.
Claw: devil rod. Master mindflayer in the sewers.
Suck: hoover vacuum. Futsie in Mega City One
Blast: Rod of Weaponry. Gorak in Mahn-Tor
Whip: noodle. Futsie in Mega City One
Grep: When you find one let me know *chuckle*

Other Useful Items

necklace-has Regeneration. Found on Chelly in atlantis.

diamond brooch-has sanc. Found on draconian mage in draconia.

Golden Mask-Face Item to stop those pesky eyeball losses. Found on Ramses in Pyramid

black shimmering-Decent evil aligned armor. Found on Guardian in Vallender's Tomb.

silvery equipment-Decent good aligned armor with spell affects on it. Found on Grand Knight of Paladins in Harpy Area.

sentri equipment-Decent anti-evil armor with spell affects. Mix and Match with silvery. Found on sentri in Ultima.

sphinxian leggings-Has 200hp/200mv/200 mana on it. A full set is good for classes like highlanders.

ivory dagger-Weapon with curse affect. Found on Master of Goodness in High Tower.

flame cape-Has fire shield on it. Fire ruler in elemental canyon.

icy girth-Has ice shield on it. Water ruler in elemental canyon.

turban-Has -50 hit points on it. That makes a full set good for training hit points. Found on Ali Baba in Pyramid.

shackles-Has -xx mana/-xx move on it. A full set is good for training mana and move. Found on prisoner in high tower.