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From the depths of Hell, demons creep out to conduct their vile plots. These loathsome beings are granted unholy powers and equipment from their Lords in order to destroy all good and holy things. The strength of a demon lies in the support of his or her clan as well as the armor they wear.

Top | Common Commands | Powers | Armor |Strategies and Tips

Pray <Message> : The channel Demons use to talk to eachother.

Pray : This gives your DPs to your Lord so that he or she can inpart powers onto you. Be very careful not to do this by accident while you are using the pray channel.

Champ: This shows all the online demons and their stats.

Offersoul: This command allows a Demon Lord to convert you into a demon. You must "align evil" as well.

Pact: This is the command a Demon Lord uses to convert people into demons after they "offersoul" and "align evil".

Inpart: This is the command that is used to gain powers. On some muds, only Demon Lords can inpart their servants, whereas on others any demon can inpart their own powers.

Weapon: This command turns you into your weapon form.

Human: This command turns you back into a human from your weapon form.

Top | Common Commands | Powers | Armor | Strategies and Tips

Claws, Fangs, Horns, Hooves and Tail: Each of these gives an extra attack during battle.
Demonform: Makes the demon much stronger but may affect ability to cast magic or speak depending on the mud.
Leap: Allows a demon to leap into and out of inventories,containers, and corpses while in weaponform
Lifespan: Affects how long it takes for a head to rot after a demon has been decapicated.
Longsword/Shortsword: Gives a demon a weaponform. Longswords are vorpal and shortswords give an extra attack.
Magic: Allows the demon to cast spells in weaponform.
Might: Increases the damage a demon does each attack.
Move: Allows a demon to roll around while in weaponform. Syntax: Roll <direction>
Nightsight: Allows demons to see in the dark. Note-Truesight tends to make this power superfluous except for the nifty glowing red eyes.
Prince: Only used by Demon Lords. This designates a person as a Prince/Princess which gives them the right to make new demons.
Toughness: Reduces the damage a demon takes when it is hit.
Travel: Allows demons to travel directly to other demons.
Truesight: Gives improved sight to demons.
Speed: Increases the demons chance to parry and dodge attacks.
Scry: Attempts to locate a target by looking through the target's eyes.
Wings: Allows demons to fly when their wings are extended.

Top | Common Commands | Powers | Armor | Strategies and Tips

Demonarmor is the major factor in determining a demons hitroll/damroll. Each piece of armor has some on it. There is also a special demon armor bonus equal to the number of pieces a demon wears squared. For example 1 piece will give a plus one bonus while ten pieces gives a plus one hundred. The maximum is 17 pieces which gives a bonus of two hundred and sixty nine.

Demonarmor is typically broken up into two types: Black and Red. Black is the cheaper armor (typically 5000 DPS). It has no affects on it and has smaller stat bonuses than red. It can be useful though to get first so that you can get the maximum demonarmor bonus. Depending on the mud you will be able to sacrifice armor in order to get some or all of the DPs back. If you do get a full refund from black armor it is worth getting. If not its best to save up for the red.

Red demonarmour is the better stuff. It has higher stat bonuses and several of the pieces will have spell affects on them. Red armor will typically cost either 10k or 15k demonpoints. The spell affects vary greatly from mud to mud depending on their view of balance. If you don't get all the critical spell affects you need, you will end up having to make a couple of quest armors. Stuff that I consider essential is: Sanctuary, Protection, Passdoor, Fly, and Sneak.

Top | Common Commands | Powers | Armor | Strategies and Tips

Weaponform and the transport spell are an awesome combo. Want to PK someone? Odds are they will have summon turned off but often times they forget about transport. Have a fellow demon transport you to the victim, turn human and start hacking. For extra spice group with your clannie and have your summon on so your buddy can portal to you and join in the fun and games. Having problem getting a quest piece? Have a clannie trans you to the mob and you just saved alot of tedious walking.

Weaponform and Magic is another useful combo. If your not strong enough to help your clannie fight against a big enemy go into weaponform and have your clannie wield you. This will give them a superior weapon. Second, you can pepper the enemy with curses or cast heals on your pal. Depending on the mud you can group with your clannie and get experience while they go exp running.

Here are two aliases for you to put in your file:

leappit: weapon;leap pit;human | leapcorpse: weapon;leap corpse;human

Need to get to hell so you can get the superior regeneration? Well there is usally a donation pit at the healer 3 north of market square. By going there and using the leappit alias you go to hell, directly to hell, do not pass Go. If you are stuck in a norecall area and have no transporters, then kill something and use the leapcorpse alias. Poof in hell again. No mobs around? Dang guess you will have to summon a guardian and then stab it the back.

Try this: "cast mount". Wait a second why did you get a hellhound and not a normal mount? Well it turns out that those hellhounds do this nasty little thing that swallows their victims. Guess where they end up? Give yourself a pat on the back if you said Hell. With some practice instead of going out to hunt victims, your victims will end up at your own front door. With the increased regeneration and the 10k damcap, you should be able to make a nice roast out of whoever you targetted. Just remember to use the curse spell first and then baste slowly at 4000 degrees.