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These are directions to stock areas from Market Square. On most muds, Market Square is two south from recall. Remember to have your passdoor and flying on to make travelling easier. Travel Mobs are useful mobs for classes(like monks) that can travel to mobs without walking. Disclaimer-These are only the most common directions...some muds change things around.

Astral Plane Atlantis Church Catacombs Doom Draconia Drow
Dwarven City Dwarven Catacombs Dwarven DayCare Elemental canyon Elven Valley Galaxy
Gang Land Harpies High Tower Holy Grove Mahn-Tor Marsh
Mega City 1 Mob Factory Mud School Nomad Camp Olympus Pyramid
Sands of Sorrow Sewers Shadow Grove Thalos Trolls Den Ultima
Wyvern's Tower Vallender's Tomb Void 1 Void 2    

Astral Plane: north, all up, all north, all up, north
Travel Mob: githyanki, nightmare
Useful Items:
Quest Items:
Notes: Maze, Some aggros

Atlantis: South, Down
Travel Mob: chelly, martinus
Useful Items: necklace(chelly)
Quest Items:
Notes: Guards will jump in fights, High Exp Area, Martinus Bless is nice.

Church Catacombs: 3 west, 6 south, 2 east, 6 south,down
Travel Mob: Etcher, Horror, mi-go
Useful Items:
Quest Items: auburn colored orb, jubal's head, rapier, flaming longsword
Notes: Low level mobs, NO-RECALL, Maze, Deathtraps. This is a good place to use transporters

Doom: 4 East, 3 North, 2 West, 6 North, Up, North
Travel Mob: android
Useful Items: Red Commando Armour
Quest Items: Blue Keycard
Notes: Medium Exp Area, Some Aggros, Some no-recall rooms

Draconia: Shadow Grove, Explore using "exit" for tower gates.
Travel Mob: phase, hatchling
Useful Items: diamond brooch
Quest Items: Dragonskin Girth, white silk belt
Notes: Low-Medium Exp, Aggro Mobs.

Drow: 6 East, 4 South, 2 East, South, 2 East, Down, West
Travel Mob: Matron
Useful Items:
Quest Items: spider dagger, ruby ring, green hat
Notes: High level area. Numerous Aggros.

Dwarven City: 6 East, Down, North
Travel Mob: Doctor
Useful Items:
Quest Items: Note, Birth Control Pills, Mining Pick, Dwarven Gloves
Notes: Low Level Area. Links Dwarven Catacombs.

Dwarven Catacombs: Dwarven City, 2 north, 3 west, 2 down Travel Mob: Darkenbeast
Useful Items:
Quest Items: Excalibur, Onyx Ring, Misty Potion
Notes: Low exp, Some Aggros, Some traps

Dwarven Day Care: 6 East, Down, South
Travel Mob: Nanny
Useful Items:
Quest Items: pink ice ring
Notes: Mid to High Level Area. Mobs assist eachother.

Elemental Canyon: 6 East, 4 South, 2 East, South, 2 East, Down, South, Up
Travel Mob: elemental, dust
Useful Items: fiery cape, icy girth.
Quest Items:
Notes: Excellent Newbie exp area. Numerous Mobs and fast repop rate. Mobs with same name will help eachother.

Elven Valley: 4 east, 3 north, 2 west, north, west, 7 north, down
Travel Mob: talemon, valley
Useful Items:
Quest Items: rod of neutrality, elven boots
Notes: Low Exp

Galaxy: Shadow Grove, explore using "exit" for tavern
Travel Mob: Hercules, comet
Useful Items:
Quest Items: Belt of Hercules, Scale of Libra, Comets Tail
Notes: Low-Medium Exp, Some aggros

Gangland: 3 East, 2 South, East
Travel Mob: brusier, gang
Useful Items:
Quest Items: stilleto
Notes: Low Exp. 2 Aggro rooms

Harpies: 3 west, 6 south, east, 2 north, east, north, 4 up
Travel Mob: harpy
Useful Items: Silvery Equipment
Quest Items:
Notes: Low Level, Aggro Mobs, some NO-RECALL rooms

High Tower of Sorcery: Shadow Grove, explore using "scan" for lost adventurer.
Travel Mob: calico(top), ezmerelda(bottom)
Useful Items: Ivory Dagger, Shackles
Quest Items: batwings, eyeball, green shirt, cleaver, pizza, straw broom, holstered belt, onyx bracelet, silver bracelet
Notes: Low Level Exp. Lots of quest items

Holy Grove: 7 East
Travel Mob: Hierophant
Useful Items:
Quest Items: Black Powder
Notes: Low Experience, Links Vallender's Tomb and Thalos

Mahn-Tor: 6 East, 4 South, 2 East, South, 2 East, Down, 3 North, East, 4 South, West, South, East, 3 South, Down, 4 south, wander the wasteland until you find an up(phew)
Travel Mob: Mahn-Tor, Amyrok
Useful Items: knuckles, rod of weaponry, girdle
Quest Items: belt of life, horn of life, manual of healing, Mahn-Tor's axe
Notes: Low to Medium Exp, Aggro Mobs.

Marsh: 13 West, South, 2 West, 2 South, West, 3 South
Travel Mob: Slaad
Useful Items:
Quest Items: scythe
Notes: Low to Medium Exp, Aggro Mobs

Mega-City 1: Sands of Sorrow, Wander using "exit" for strange glowing sand
Travel Mob: futsie, gleep
Useful Items: noodle, vacuum
Quest Items: vibroblade, lawgiver, codebox

Mob Factory: South, 4 East
Travel Mob: Floyd
Useful/Quest Items: None
Notes: Low to Medium Exp, Heads jump in fights

Mud School: North, Up
Travel Mob:
Useful Items: subissue equipment for emergencies.
Quest Items: None
Notes: Low exp. Adepts/Priests sometimes decent stance training.

Nomad Camp: Sands of Sorrow, wander using "exit" for nomad camp.
Travel Mob: camel
Useful Items:
Quest Items: coil of rope, tattered map
Notes: Link to Pyramid

Olympus: 4 East, 3 North, 2 West, 6 North, 2 Up, North
Travel Mob: Julius, Hera
Useful Items: Poseidon's Trident(Poseidon)
Quest Items: Poseidon's Trident, Sapphire Ring, Aegis
Notes: Good Aligned Low to Medium Area. Some Aggros.

Pyramid: Nomad Camp, North, 2 East, Up, East, Up, North, Up, Down
Travel Mob: ramses, tomb, mummy
Useful Items: Sphinxian Leggings, Turban, Golden Mask
Notes: Medium Exp, Aggro Mobs

Sands of Sorrow: South, 2 East, 2 South, 8 East
Travel Mobs: dustdigger
Useful Items:
Quest Items: encrypted scroll, tiger jewel
Notes: NO-RECALL, Maze, Links nomad camp/megacity one

Sewers: South, South, Down
Travel Mob: Mindflayer
Quest Items: white skull, devil rod, purple cloak, red dragonorb, dragon claw, glinting ring of silver
Useful Items: devil rod(claw weapon)
Notes:Really Annoying Maze with secret doors.

Shadow Grove: 13 west, south, 2 west, 2 south, west, south, 3 west, north, west, north
Travel Mob:shadow
Useful/Quest Items: None
Notes: NO-RECALL, Dark rooms, link to galaxy, hightower, draconia.

Thalos: Holy Grove, 2 East, 2 North. Wander through the void using exit to see the clearing. NOTE-The entrance and exit rooms look the same so step a few rooms out to see which side you are on.
Travel Mob: Gordon
Useful Items:
Quest Items: silver flute, serpentine staff, dark green cloak, harp, lamia's collar.
Notes: Low to Medium Exp.

Troll's Den:13 West, South, 2 West, 2 South, West, 2 South, 2 East, South
Travel Mob: troll(use scry to find right one)
Useful Items:
Quest Items: leather belt
Notes: Low Exp, Aggro Mobs

Ultima: 4 East, 3 North, 2 West, 2 North, Up
Travel Mob: avatar, british, chuckles
Useful Items: Glass Sword, Sentri's EQ
Quest Items:
Notes: Low-Medium Exp, big area

Wyvern's Tower: 6 East, 4 South, 2 East, 1 South, 2 East, Down, 6 East
Travel Mob: Pudding
Useful Items:
Quest Items: Commander's Helm. Black Kite Shield
Notes: Low Exp, Some Aggro Mobs.

Vallender's Tomb: Holy Grove, 2 North, Down
Travel Mob: Morgrin
Useful Items: Black Shimmering Armour
Quest Items: Vallender's crown, bronze helmet, sword of faith, spectre's cape
Notes: Low to Medium Exp. Some Aggros. Quest Machine

Void 1: South, 3 East, South, Up
Travel Mobs: None
Useful Items:
Quest Items: Morris stuff
Notes: Most rooms are NO-RECALL. Use "exit" to navigate

Void 2: Holy Grove, 2 East, 2 North
Travel Mobs: None
Useful/Quest Items: None
Notes: Link to Thalos. NO-RECALL. Use "exit" to navigate.