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The angels swoop down from Heaven and striking down their foes with holy might. Though they have wings and halos, these angels don't sing of love. Instead they kick evil's ass.

Angels are a relatively new class on some muds. Currently they are a revamped demon and operate very similarly to them. Weak at the beginning, angels become able to compete with the other classes after they gain all their powers and armor.

Angelpoints or APs are used to buy angel powers and armor. When an angel kills a mob or gets a status kill on another character they earn APs. Mobs give relatively few APs usually from 5-200 depending on the level of the mob. Status kills start at 1000 and go up depending on the status of the victim

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Pact: This pacts an avater wishing to be an angel. They must be angelic in alignment(align good), and offer their soul(offer soul).

Pray <>: The angels communication channel

Pray: Used by istself this transfers your angelpoints to the angel that made you.

Weapon: Allows you to transform into weapon form.

Human: Allows you to return to human form.

Champ: Allows you to see the online angels.

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Power AP Cost/Syntax

Might 7500/Automatic Increased Damage.
Toughness 7500/Automatic Takes less damage in combat.
Speed: 7500/Automatic Extra number of attacks in combat.
Wings: 2500/Wings+Wings Unfold
Halo: 2500/Halo Automatic headbutt in combat.
HolyFeet: 2500/Holyfeet Kicks ignore kick immunity.
Sweep: 7500/Sweep Automatic sweep attack in combat.
Nightsight: 2500/Nightsight Allows you to see in dark rooms.
Truesight: 7500/Truesight Allows you to see hidden/invisible.
Mask: 7500/Angel Disguises you as the target.
Travel: 500/Travel Takes you to other angels.
Scry: 7500/Scry Attempts to find the target.
Shadowsight: 7500/Shadowsight Allows you to see into shadowplane.
Move: 500/move Allows you to move in weaponform.
Leap: 500/leap+leap Allows you to jump into and out of containers and people.
Magic: 500/Automatic Allows you to cast spells as a weapon.
Shield 7500 /Shield Protects you from scry.

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This armour has been imbued with the power of belief. The prayers of countless people is made manifest in physical form to protect and aid the Angels in their fight against evil. Syntax: white
white: 25 AC/15 Hit/15 Dam Cost: 5000 APs Refund: 5000 APs
blue: 50 AC/30 Hit/30 Dan Cost: 10000 APs Refund: 5000 APs

*Angel armor is unclaimed when it is created.