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Active Godwars Muds

Updated: 11 October 2000

Phoenix Rising
Mud Address: port 6666
Admin Email:
Races: Vampires Werewolves Mages Fomori (Demons) Fae's Wraiths Comment: Phoenix Rising is dedicated to taking Godwars back to its roots. We are including traditional White Wolf classes, and new lesser known classes as well. All of our classes will be completely reworked to bring them inline with White Wolf's structure and that includes a complete reworking of areas, mobs and objects.

Midnight Hour
Address: port 4321
Admin Email:
Races: Has base classes as well as paladins.
Comments: We are a stable mud base with anti-cheating and anti-setting staff. This applies to players as well as immortal's alts. There is no autoclass nor auto immortals.
Review Comment: Upon talking to a couple of the players they were impressed with the play balance.

Address: port 4000
Admin Email:
Races: Demon, Mage, Werewolf, Vampire
Comment: A unique GodWars MUD based of off KaVir's 1996 version. Many bugs have been fixed and the code is a LOT cleaner.

Legend of Chrystancia
Address: port: 6500
Admin Email:
Races: Vampire Demon Werewolf Mage Drow Ninja Monk Highlander Wraith Fae Dragon Gargoyle
Comment: One of the first Lords of War 3 muds... one of the most stable GW muds that i know of, hasnt crashed for over a month. We are always adding new things to make the players want to come back.

Forbidden Dynasty
Address: port: 5555
Admin Email:
Races: Vamp, WW, Mage, Demon, Monk, Ninja, Gladiator, Saiya-Jin, Paladin, Elemental, Drow, Angel, Kensai, Hydra, and Jedi.
Comment: 15 classes, good balance, an active coder, a stable mud....gee, I think that is special enough. Add to that an impressive pbase and you get a really fun mud.