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The Electric Lighthouse "Absolute Brilliance" Award

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I give this award only to sites which are "Absolutely Brilliant".

Brillinace might be in the overall concept of the site, in the way the interface was implemented, in the wonder of its content matter, or in some unique thing that's done at the site, or it might simply be that I really really enjoy the site and go back to it often.

This will mean that all of my selections will be exceptional. For the few who win this award, you'll be nterested in knowing that the award is only 9.2k in size. Things I really hate? Those little mail box images for E-Mail, bile green home page backgrounds, intricate backgrounds that completely camoflage the text that's written on them, home pages that take 10 minutes to load and have stupid comic animations I've already seen 100 TIMES BEFORE. "Sign My Guestbook, Sign My Guestbook", "Here's a picture of me... Here's a picture of my cat... Here's a picture of my dinner table... Here's a picture..."

The sites I choose might have supurb graphics, ease of use, or an eloquence of design (like the CyberSpaceShip). They might have a very plain interface but might do something unique which augments my own site, or life, in some way (like GIF Wizard). Or, they might just be strange or allow you to interact in strange ways (like FaceMaker). But, any way you look at it, they will be neither 'hum-drum' nor typical. For each site that I choose I will try to accompany the link with an associated graphic from the site.

If you still think that your site qualifies for this award, send me E-Mail which contains the following:

1. Your name.

2. Your E-Mail address.

3. The name of your site.

4. The site's complete http:// URL address.

5. A short description of your site (less than 50 words, please).

As far as stealing this award to put on your awards page if you didn't actually win the award? ... just think for a second. Someone clicks on the award and immediately sees the stringent requirements. They see an absurdly short list, and it's glaringly obvious that you're not ON that list.

After having read this depressing and discouraging text, if you still would like to try for the award, leave your URL at:

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