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tarot card Gareth Knight is one of the world's foremost authorities on ritual magic, the Western Mystery Tradition and Qabalistic symbolism. He trained in Dion Fortune's Society of the Inner Light, and has spent a lifetime rediscovering and teaching the principles of magic as a spiritual discipline and method of self-realisation. Books
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He has written around forty books covering topics as diverse as Qabalah, history of magic, Arthurian legend, Rosicrucianism, Tarot, the Inklings (Tolkien, C.S.Lewis et al) and the Feminine Mysteries, as well as several practical books on ritual magic. He has lectured worldwide and is a regular contributor to Inner Light, the journal of the Society of the Inner Light, and to the Avalon Group journal, Lyra.

The group founded by Gareth Knight in 1973 is now run by Rebecca Wilby and known as the Avalon Group.

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Gareth Knight


Paul Sédir's "Initiations"


Available from the Skylight Press website.




Dion Fortune's Rites of Isis and of Pan
The full text of Dion Fortune's rites which underlie her novels, with commentary and explanation by Gareth Knight. Published November 2013 by Skylight Press

The Book of Melusine of Lusignan in History, Legend
and Romance
A collection of most of the available studies and legends of the Faery Melusine, edited and translated by
Gareth Knight. Published April 2013
by Skylight Press

Dion Fortune Rites Book of Melusine Christ & Qabalah

The Faery Gates of Avalon
The faery lore contained in the Grail literature of Chrétien de Troyes.
Reissued June 2013
by Skylight Press

Christ & Qabalah
A new book detailing Gareth Knight's unlikely but inspiring friendship with the Rev. Anthony Duncan. Published October 2013 by Skylight Press

Faery Gates of Avalon Esoteric Training Melusine of Lusignan


The Testament of Merlin
A translation of the novel by Theophile Briant.



Also available ...
After many years out of print, Dion Fortune's War Letters, edited by Gareth Knight, are being re-issued by Skylight Press.

Immediately following Britain’s declaration of war in 1939, Dion Fortune began a series of weekly letters to members of her fraternity, who were unable to hold meetings due to wartime travel restrictions. With the enemy planes rumbling overhead, she set about organising a series of visualisations intended to formulate “seed ideas in the group mind of the race”, a set of archetypal visions to stimulate the protection of British sovereignty and the renewal of national and international accord and cooperation. For the first time, the Society’s doors were opened to anyone who wanted to join in these meditations and learn the previously secret methods of esoteric mind-working. “The war has to be fought and won on the physical plane,” she wrote, “before physical manifestation can be given to the archetypal ideals. What was sown will grow and bear seed.” With this principle in mind she guided her fraternity through the dark days of the Blitz, continuing her weekly letters even when the bombs fell through her own roof.


Magical Battle of Britain


A novella by Margaret Lumley Brown, former pythoness at the Society of the Inner Light who took over much of Dion Fortune's work in 1946. Originally published in 1918 and unavailable since, Both Sides of the Door is an autobiographical account of a terrifying haunting incident which Margaret experienced after experimenting with table-turning in a house which turned out to have a disturbed history. The incident was responsible for opening up the remarkable mediumship gift which Margaret Lumley Brown was renowned for in later life.

This edition includes an introductory chapter by Gareth Knight, who worked with Margaret Lumley Brown in the 1950s and 60s.

Published by Skylight Press

Both Sides of the Door


Ace of Cups image from the Gareth Knight Tarot deck painted by Sander Littel