The Gareth Knight Group is a contacted magical fraternity founded in 1973 by Gareth Knight.

Gareth Knight Group Membership


The Gareth Knight Group welcomes new members. We are a practical working group, and therefore membership is only open to those who are in a position to attend our meetings at Hawkwood College in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. You won't be obliged to attend every meeting, but as a rough guide you should be able to commit to attending at least two meetings a year in order to be considered for membership.


We have our own private in-house journal, Lyra, for which members are asked to pay an annual subscription or donation, and are encouraged to write articles.


When applying for membership you will initially be asked to fill in a questionnaire, asking you about your interests, experience and intentions. If all is well at this initial stage you'll be given an opportunity to enrol on our Study Course.


The aim of the course is to train Adepts. That is to say, we aim to train our students to become independent within themselves: unswayed by dogma, knowledgeable in the forms and powers of the Inner worlds, skilled in the practice of ritual magic, strong in their own beliefs and purpose, and above all able to make their own contact with the Inner Plane Adepti and respond to their guidance.


The size of the group is limited to 24 members, with up to 16 being able to attend any one meeting (due to the size of the room we use!) Therefore we can reach full capacity from time to time.


We are a practical group rather than a training school, and the Study Course is specifically for preparing students to become an active member of the group. We may occasionally offer places to external candidates for online training, for those who are not able to join as members. Places for this are very limited, but we offer them whenever we can.


If you are interested in joining the Gareth Knight Group, please contact us at: