The Gareth Knight Group is a contacted magical fraternity founded in 1973 by Gareth Knight.

Joining the Gareth Knight Group

The Gareth Knight Group welcomes enquiries from prospective new members. Please be aware that we are primarily a practical working group, and therefore membership is only open to those who are in a position to attend our meetings at Hawkwood College in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. We meet five times a year, with most meetings taking place at weekends (Saturday-Sunday) and occasionally on weekdays. You won't be required to attend every meeting, but as a rough guide you should be able to commit to attending at least two meetings a year in order to be considered for membership.


Membership is dependent on having first completed our study course of ten lessons. You will normally be invited to attend your first meeting, on a trial basis, after completing Lesson 6.


Please contact us in the first instance at


See our Membership page for more information, or read more about the Study Course.



Friends of the Gareth Knight Group


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