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Well, I just found a small error in my site. It doesn't work with Internet Explorer! Now, I am not sure if this is the case with every version, but my version wont let you click on any of the links! Yuck, hopefully I can fix this!


I just found out is closed for bussiness! Egad, is the whole universe insane. We can only hope that the site opens as soon as possible.


Well, for the first time in many a month, I am updating this site! Yes, thats right, I finally remember the password for my site (angelfire, your tech support is evil), and I am going to try to update asap! I am also going to re-design a bit of the site, and add some more comics!


Well, here I am. It seems with my first year in middle school, I have gotten to work on my site less and less. Thankfully, it is now SUMMER VACATION! I will try to update this page once a week, but... you never know :) I am trying to get this page on some of the really cool search engines(Yahoo, must get page on Yahoo!), so if you see a place were you can suggest a site, please enter my site. Oh ya, please give me some e-mails with some suggestions for my site (you can find me e-mail on the bottom of this page).


I have been busy! yes here is 3 new pages on FoxTrot World! yes we have: characters, all about Bill Amend, and YES Titantic/FoxTrot Comics!

The Characters Page!

Titantic/Foxtrot Comics!

All About Bill Amend!

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