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This page will give you an overview of the "What is Reality?" website...First time visitors, read the summaries of the pages below; at the bottom of the page you'll find a Table of Contents with buttons to take you to your pages of choice. Start with the "Intro" button, unless you happen to be one of the "first things first, but not necessarily in that order" kind of thinkers. The other navigation options are really just to make your return visits easier. (You're not gonna cover everything in one pass.)

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      "What is Reality?"

      The Home Page. This where you came in, with your speakers on, I hope. It'd be a shame to miss any of the audio wise-cracks.
The non-linear nature of hyper text navigation can make it difficult to find your way around, so I've tried to make the path as easy to follow as possible. I'm currently re-working things in an effort to improve this aspect. But you don't care. Also includes the "Credits" and "Disclaimer" pages.

      "World View?"

      Page the First. Introduces the intent of this site, and sets the tone. I guess the word "Intro" kind of gives a clue, don't you think?


      The first essay, "The Definition and Relevance of Philosophy" will broach the subject and explain who needs philosophy and why. Think about it.

      "Divisions of Philosophy"

      A simple chart laying out and defining the five branches of philosophy. Stick with it, now... Don't feel intimidated the first time you read it; it's not that complicated. Some of these terms are probably new to you, and you might have to refer back to this a number of times before you get a comprehensive grasp of it. (There will be a quiz.) Once you get it, it's easy. Trust me. This page also has a cool graphic of Athene, the Greek goddess of Wisdom.

      "Quotations Page"

      A little break for the attention span. New additions regularly; They are added, not at the top, not at the bottom, but wherever they seem to fit. Consequently, it's recommended that whenever you return you read through the whole page again. This will allow you not only to see the new additions, but also to get a new contextual model for the ones you've already seen, as well as to review and perhaps understand for the first time some ideas that may be obscure at first glance.

      The quotations are from diverse sources; some are funny, some are deep. The fact that I've included a person here doesn't mean I necessarily buy into their whole philosophy. There are people quoted here with whom I vehemently disagree on one or more aspects of their worldview, who, perhaps this once, happened to have a lucid thought. There are some geniuses included, too. You sort it out.


      If you've ever studied it, a review couldn't hurt. If you've never studied it, you'll be surprised at how simple it is to define and how rarely it's encountered in practice. An ongoing series, this is installment #1. Read it. Read it again.

      "Philosophy Quiz #1"

      I told you there'd be a quiz... 12 Multiple-choice questions; Give yourself 4 points right off the bat for being willing to take the quiz... Give yourself 8 points for every correct answer. If you score 100 the first time through, e-mail me your address and I'll send you a special prize (yeah, right.)


      Weird, informative or otherwise fascinating... You know what trivia is! New additions regularly. Chip in and send me some.

      "Philosophy II"

      The second 'Philosophy' essay, "What's an "-ISM?" shows the import of those three little letters, explaining exactly what they do to a word. Introduces the concept of the hierarchical structure of philosophical systems. May require your undivided attention and more than one read-through, but not too tough, really. At least it's short.

      "Hall of -ISMs"

     The "Gateway Page" to a series of essays introducing some of the dominant philosophical systems at work shaping and defining our culture today. Exactly what ideas are shaping your experience?


     Sometimes ya just have to blow off steam... some responses to stuff I love to hate.


      It's really gratifying when somebody signs the guestbook. I wish You would. On this page is also a link to the Forum. The "Next" button takes you to the "More Reality" page where there's a menu to get you to the stuff you haven't seen yet.

      "Links Pages"

      A collection of links to sites I think are worthwhile. Split up and categorized for faster loading: /WebMaster Links / Business & Shopping Links / Academic Links / Miscellaneous Links /

      "Coming Attractions"

      A preview of what's going on behind the scenes. What you see throughout this site at any given time is just the tip of the iceberg. As projects near completion, projected publication dates will be listed here; There is also an opportunity presented on this page to sign up for the mailing list to receive an E-mail notification when new articles are added. Why don't you "opt in"? I hearby swear, no spam.


      It's a bookshelf, it's a library...Alright, it's a bookstore. Pick up something to read, for Pete's sake. New additions regularly.

      "Eclectic Bookshelf"

      You never know what you'll find here. New additions weekly.


      Awards this site has received. "I'd like to thank the academy..."

      "Search Engine"

      Search this site or the web for whatever is on your mind. (Assuming there is something going on in there.)

      "Web Rings"

      The web rings to which this site belongs. Some interesting people... and some nuts, too. Also on this page, detailed instructions on how to put a text or graphics link to "What is Reality?" on your site. C'mon, I'll show yours if you show mine!

      "Nominis Expers Forum"

      An opportunity to interact in a place intended for the free exchange of ideas. At the present time, an e-mail submission form. Think I'm full of it? Here's the place to tell me. Think I'm right? Here's the place to tell me. Is there something needing clarification or further explanation? Here's the place to tell me. HELLOOO! Anybody out there? Get it off your chest.

      "Glossary of Terms"

      Growing by leaps and bounds, this page will never really be complete, so E-mail me for a definition if you need one.

      "Fallacy of the Day"

      Quite possibly my favorite thing. A new fallacy will be posted on this page each day. By visiting faithfully you will become familiar with "the mistakes of the careless and the weapons of the dishonest", (hee hee) and consequently be able to defend yourself against buying into the wrong answers to that pesky question: "What is Reality?"

      "Essential Music"

      Ever think about the crimes against quality and beauty committed in the name of popular music over the course of the past 30 years or so? Of course you have. Have you desired an arbiter of taste to steer you clear of the Herd Aesthetic? Probably not, but in any event, here's a list of Essential Music for you, with an opportunity to listen to clips, read reviews and/or purchase at Amazon.com. (You're Welcome). Only the best will be included. (Feel free to submit suggestions of your own.) Allowing as preference and subjective taste are inherent in aesthetics as nowhere else in philosophy, these judgements, of course will be neither shared by all nor defensible by appeals to logic. You'll just have to take my word on this one. Mostly '70's rock, some jazz, some classical. All great stuff.

Shameless Self-Aggrandizement:

To sum it all up, here's my standard blurb:

      "An introduction to philosophy and logic with a view to educate in an informal and entertaining manner regarding issues of the scope, impact and relevance of one's personal worldview; Plus Features: The Hall of "-Isms": Essays on systems impacting contemporary culture, Quotations, Trivia, Philosophy Quiz, Book Reviews, Music Recommendations, Fallacy of the Day, Links and More!"

Feel free to use it if you feel compelled to submit this site for a link listing, nominate it for an award, submit it to your favorite search engine or promote it in any other way. (And thanks in advance if you do any of these things.)

If you would like to send an E-mail to a friend recommending this site, you can do so HERE Go ahead! I'm starved for attention. No, really.

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