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Book Directory
by author
Alex Wm. Ayton
Robin Brumby
Aleister Crowley
John Dee
Gerina Dunwich
Lon Milo DuQuette
Florence Farr
Peter French
Sallie Ann Glassman (Illustrator)
James Orchard Halliwell
J. D. Holmes
G. M. Hort
Christopher S. Hyatt Ph.D.
R. B. Ince
Geoffry James
Gorden James
Darcy Kuntz
Donald C. Laycock
Cris Monnastre
Silver Ravenwolf
Israel Regardie
Benjamin Rowe
Gerald J. & Betty Schueler
William H. Sherman
Wayne Shumaker
W. P. Swainson
Robert Turner
Donald Tyson Leo Vinci
Christopher Whitby
David P. Wilson (Illustrator)
Chris Zalewski
Patrick Zalewski

Special Collections
References used in the for the
Shadow Maze
The John Dee Collection
Enochian Related Tarot Cards

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