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Bundled Egg Drop Results

Bundled Egg Drop Results

<h1> Bundled Egg Drop Results

Description of Successful Bundled egg drops.
Team name Egglets
1. Please describe your egg’s crate. It has paper parachute and straw on and pop cycle sticks as a fence around it.
2. What happened to the egg and “crate” when you did your drop? The Crate and egg survived.
3. Would you change the design of your crate next time? No, we would not.
4. Please describe the most spectacular landing of your event. When we dropped our egg and it survived.

1. Our egg had a parachute made of string and paper.
2. There was a crate made of popsicle sticksand straws underneath so the straws would bounce off the concrete.
3. To change this idea we would make the crate harder and more padded on the inside .
1. The structure was a crate with a parachute.
2. At first it did not break, the crate broke. The second time botht the egg and the crate broke.
3. To make it better we would make it more cushioned use less popsicle sticks and more straws.
4. The most spectacular landing was when it bounced off the step and on to the ground and did not break
1. The egg is wrapped inside of straws and sticks that are held on with tape. The straws and sticks are covered with paper which is held on by rubber bands.
2. The egg and crate did not break after it hit the ground.
3. We would not change the structure next time because our egg did not break.
4. Our egg was the most spectacular landing because it was the only one out of 6 that did not break.
Team Score: 141 cm
1. Our platform is a box that has two openings at the ends. The platform has two scoops made out of paper and has clumps of paper in the middle of the two scoops. The platform holds together with making tape.
2. The egg did not crack. Instead it bounced a little. The tape ripped a little eact time we dropped the egg a little higher.
3. We would change the design next time by putting more clumps of paper in the middle and we would put more tape so that it would hold longer.
4. The most spectacular landing was when we dropped the egg from the Fire Blanket, which was 141 cm. Then at the paper towel dispenser it broke.

1. Our egg's crate was made up of 15 straws, 15 popsicle sticks, 100cm of masking tape, 100cm of string, 5 rubber bands. The egg was in the middle. The 15 drinking starws were around it and then the rubber bands held them together. We then put the paper around it. We taped the popsicle sticks around it in a circle. That's our crate.
2. When we dropped our crate, and when it hit the ground, our crate stayed the same. We didn't think our egg had broken until it started leaking all over.
3. Next time, to change the design we would probably put the egg in the center more and put the popsicle sticks around the center more.
4. We only dropped ours once, but it was pretty funny when it started leaking .
1. Our egg was wrapped in about two layers of tape. Then we proceeded to tape on straws that were about an inch and a half long. We used rubber bands to suspend the straws on. This didn’t work very well so we used the remaining tape to strap it on.
2. When we dropped the egg it had one tiny crack in it. As we unwrapped the bundle the tape pulled the crack open and it split. The yolk started coming out and we knew we had lost it.
3. Next time, I would change the bundle by creating the same thing, but use the Popsicle sticks to create a case for the egg.
4. 4. When our egg landed it sounded like it had split into thousands of tinyh pieces. We were so scared. When we unwrapped it, it was only cracked. We were kind of relieved.
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