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Absolutely Fabulous
free .wav downloads, sweetie!!
"The more I love myself...
the more I will be loved"

"Wheels on fire Rolling down the road Best notify my next of kin This wheel shall explode..."

For those of you who are just learning about the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous from visiting this web site, you should know that this sitcom was hillarious, totally obnoxious, outrageous and one of a kind. Of course I used the past tense above ("sitcom was hillarious") because AbFab's final episode was a brilliant full length series ending movie, "The Last Shout." With a talented cast of characters and guest appearances, AbFab's humor is best described as the misadventures of Edina and Patsy; two femme fatales who embody and exaggerate all stereotypes fitting of their materialistic careers and fixations with fashion and celebrity status.
Brilliant News!!!
There is a new show currently taping in Britain called "Let Them Eat Cake" starring Jennifer Saunders (Edina) and Dawn French. The show is written by a gentleman named Peter Learmouth and directly by our Patsy, Joanna Lumley. All tapings are sold out to this sitcom which is set in Versailles, France just prior to the French Revolution; Jennifer and Dawn play chambermaids. I hope we can watch it on BBC America!!! Otherwise we will probably have to wait a couple of years to view it here in the USA. Although in Britain, the show should air in the fall. I've also heard a rumor about another show Jennifer Saunders is working on which includes the cast of AbFab; set in a bar that is owned by Patsy's character. How exciting!! I'll try to keep posting news here in the future as it is made available to me...cheers!!
So, for all of the Ab Fab fans surfing the WWW, I've recorded some .wav files from all three series. I tried to eliminate the laughter from the recordings, but wasn't quite as successful with that as I would have liked; besides, I think it adds character to them. In order to download or hear these wavs you may need to "plug-in" to a or type of program. Some of these files are very large; please allow ample time for them to load. Save these .wavs, but I do ask that you e-mail me (use the film button below) or sign the Dreambook (just below the e-mail icon) and let me know about it...

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On with the sound clips - .wav files from every AbFab episode!!

MIDI of Pet Shop Boys' "Absolutely Fabulous" song

MIDI of 2 Unlimited's "No Limit" - Bubble's song

AbFab theme song (large .wav file)

AbFab .wavs...

From Series 1 Part 1, "Fashion" episode:

(Edina & Patsy) "What are you wearing?"
(Edina) "Lights, models, guest list..."
(Edina) "Sweetie, darling let me in!"

From Series 1 Part 1, "Fat" episode:

(Edina & Mum) "Thin person trying to get out"
(Patsy) Figure

From Series 1 Part 1, "France" episode:

(Edina & Patsy) "Insects, insects, insects!" (large file)

From Series 1 Part 2, "Iso Tank" episode:

(Edina) "Watch out Pats - entering a no fun zone!!"
(Edina & Patsy) about that iso tank...

From Series 1 Part 2, "Birthday" episode:

(Edina & Saffy) "How old am I?"
(Edina) "Bloody birthday!!"
(Edina & Saffy) "Mom, can I come in?"

From Series 1 Part 2, "Magazine" episode:

(Edina & Saffy) "Patsy is an insomniac!!"
(Patsy) "One snap of my finger, and..."
(Patsy) Passing out

From Series 2 Part 1, "Hospital" episode:

(Saffy) Newspaper
(Edina & Saffy) High class prostitute
(Patsy & Magda) Young models

From Series 2 Part 1, "Death" episode:

(Edina & Patsy) Fabulous

From Series 2 Part 1, "Morocco" episode:

(Edina) Mother
(Edina & Patsy) Daughter
(Edina & Patsy) Eaten

From Series 2 Part 2, "New Best Friend" episode:

(Edina & Saffy) Say No to Drugs!
(Edina) Queen of Minimalism
(Hamish) I'm a Journalist! (very large file)
(Edina) "Lacroix, baby spew"

From Series 2 Part 2, "Poor" episode:

(Edina & Mum) "I remember those trousers"
(Edina & Mum) "Ca-pu-ci-no"
(Edina & Patsy) "Looking good costs $"

From Series 2 Part 2, "Birth" episode:

(Edina & Saffy) Hippies

From Series 3 Part 1, "Door Handle" episode:

(Edina) "The decision has been made!"
(Patsy & Mum) "Morning Patsy!"
(Patsy) "Right, cheers...thanks a lot!"

From Series 3 Part 1, "Happy New Year" episode:

(Edina) "My New Year's Resolution..."
(Edina & Saffy) "Where are you going tonight, mom?"
(Patsy) "Jackie is fabulous!"

From Series 3 Part 1, "Sex" episode:

(Edina & Patsy) Orgies
(Edina) "I've seen doctors go pale"
(Edina & Patsy) "Boli Stoli?"

From Series 3 Part 2, "Jealous" episode:

(Edina) "Like a bird" - spoken (large file)
(Edina) "Like a bird" - singing (large file)

From Series 3 Part 2, "Fear" episode:

(Edina & Mum) "Talking to yourself, dear?"
(Bubble) "Go on...don't be shy"
(Edina) "Names, names, names"

From Series 3 Part 2, "The End" episode:

(Edina) Paradise
(Patsy) Whiskey

From the movie, "The Last Shout":

(Edina & Flip the dauphin) "The more I love myself...the more I will be loved"
(Edina & Flip the dauphin) "This is not the fat of now"
(Edina & Saffy) "Just a bit of fin-flop"
(to Saffy - Edina and Mum) "Quite a cool relationship..."
(Edina) "Snowplow, must snowplow!"
Some special little nibbly things...

From The Young Ones, "Interesting" episode:

(Sue [Jennifer Saunders]) "Nobody is drinking..."

(Sue [Jennifer Saunders] & Rick [Rik Mayall]) "Got no music"

(Sue [Jennifer Saunders]) "Fascist!"

From The Young Ones, "Time" episode:

(Hellen Mucus-vicious murderess [Jennifer Saunders]
Mike [Christopher Ryan] and Vyv [Ade Edmonson])
"What did you say your name is?"

(Hellen [Jennifer Saunders]) "It's awful, isn't it?"

(Hellen [Jennifer Saunders]) "Hope you don't mind me spending the night"

Coming Soon!
Sound clips of Joanna Lumley in a Pink Panther classic..."Trail of the Pink Panther" - she is simply fantastic in the role of the French, sexy news reporter/investigator - if you're a Joanna Lumley fan (I'm sure you are) and haven't viewed this one yet, I suggest renting it as soon as possible!!

Cheers, sweeties and "thanks a lot" for the laughs
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All information regarding news from the upcoming "Let Them Eat Cake" program is gathered from:
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