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"You see, events -- small and large -- occur from a single thought, which becomes a persistent memory, which in turn, becomes a causal energy center that leads the development and materialization of the thought into reality... into horizontal time."

       Will the Earth be unlivable in 2 years ???

       Environment- Grim Outlook

       Human Extinction?

       REQUIEM .... (truth hurts!!!)

       10,000$ challenge.... Can evolution exist ?

       Institute for Creation Reseach, Radio Archive (RealPlayer required)

       Renegade....."when spiders unite they can tie down a lion"Ethiopian proverb

       Sightings .... Tons of things you will not hear about in public media.

       Syzygy....earthquake info for those that may be concerned
              (fellow californians maybe ?)

       Infinite Energy.....Recent Cold Fusion Info.

       Reverse Speech .... The truth 'behind' the words.

More TO come SOON !!!

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