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I got all this info from their official website and would like to thank them for allowing me to use their quotes.

Spanning the soulful gap between R&B's historic past, prolific present and platinum future, is DESTINY'S CHILD, the self-titled debut CD from Columbia Records phenomenal new female vocal quartet. A remarkable achievement by the talented Houston, Texas-based foursome - Beyoncè, Kelly, LaTavia, and LeToya -- the album reflects a melodic mosaic of youthful exuberance and mature romantic awakenings.

Managed by Music World Management's Mathew Knowles, who's predominately responsible for putting them on the fast track to stardom, the down-to-earth members of Destiny's Child have come a long way since forming the group in their pre-teens. "Our music has changed since the early days, when I was the group's rapper," reports the sassy LaTavia. She and Beyoncè have been with the group since its 1990 inception. Kelly joined the group in 1992 and LeToya completed the line-up in 1993.

Although they were merely nine- and ten years-old at the time, amazing things began happening for Destiny's Child once the line-up was in-place. Among them was the fledging foursome's 1992 appearance on "Star Search." "We were kind of nervous about it," LaTavia remembers. "They made us to do a rap song, although we wanted to sing. They even made a new hip-hop category for us. Looking back on it now though, it was a learning experience we'll never forget."

One of Houston's hottest home town attractions, Destiny's Child eventually found themselves sharing stages with some of the biggest acts in the business. Kelly confirms: "When they came to Houston to perform, we opened for people like Immature, Dru Hill, Nas EFX, and SWV, who gave us nothing but love, hope and encouragement."

It was just about a year ago that Destiny's Child signed with Columbia Records. "That was our turning point and we all knew it," Beyoncè says. "So when it was time to make our album, we never looked back. We were so glad to finally have the opportunity that all of the problems of the past seemed to disappear."

Destiny's Child encompasses four distinct voices seamlessly blending to make the whole seem greater than its extremely gifted individual parts. Kelly's vocal diversity and broad range serves best on the up-tempo front, although she can throw down with the best of them on ballads. LaTavia holds down the bottom, with her rich, deep sassy tones. LeToya's crystal shattering soprano is awesome and soars over several tracks. And Beyoncè, who sings most of the leads, owns one of her generation's strongest, most distinctively memorable voices, which by all accounts is saturated in silk, satin and serious soul.

It's obvious that DESTINY'S CHILD is a well-crafted collaborative effort, with an inspired, totally committed group at its passionate center. Already being compared to classic groups like the Supremes and the Emotions, from this point on, beginning with the chart ascension of "No No No," the success forecast for Destiny's Child is undeniably "Yes, Yes, YES!"

Now, all over the world, people are seeing the amazing group of four - Destiny's Child. They have showed us that dreams do come true, but it takes a lot of work! Now they return with their second single With Me! Hopefully, it does as well, or even better than their first #1 song - No No No!


Birthday:Febuary 11, 1981

2nd lead singer

Sensitive one in the group

Yo, yo I'm Kelly I sing the 2nd lead and I'm the sensitive one in the group. I'm also an Aquarius, and a true believer in God, to me without him nothing is possible. As you read more about us, I hope we grow closer to you! God bless, and if you see me anywhere, please come talk to me. God bless again.


La Tavia

Birthday:November 1, 1981

Alto of the group

the Sassy one in the group

Hey, I'm La Tavia, the baby of the group. I'm also the alto (I sing low). See, I'm Miss Thang. The Scorpio that's real wit ya,. And most of all I'm a firm believer in God. Thanx to everyone who's supported Destiny's Child! Love always,



Birthday:March 11, 1981

Soprano of the group

the Crazy one in the group

Wuzup. I'm LeToya the water baby Pisces and I'm the soprano and crazy one of the group and right now I would like to personally introduce to you the real side of the girl they call Toya. I hope that you enjoy hearing more about Destiny's Child. God bless you.



Birthday:September 4, 1981

Lead singer of Destiny's Child

Her father Mathew Knowles manages Destiny's Child!

Serious one in the group

Hi, I'm Beyonce, the lead vocalist of Destiny's Child. When the 4 of us get together we are really crazy. We try to make the best of what we do. Sometimes someone has to keep us on point and serious when it's time to be serious. That someone is me. They call me the mother of the group. I'm a Virgo, but more importantly a Christian. I want to send my appreciation to all the believers and supporters of Destiny's Child. God bless you!



Hey y'all we're Destiny's Child also known as what we call ourselves "Destiny's Chiren". We are four southern girls raised together in school and church. We are very close to each other. We are like sisters. The best thing about us is we are going to be together no matter what. Even if we stopped singing we will be together doing something. We each have four different personalities but we all are crazy, spiritual, sassy, and serious about our careers. We thank everyone for their support and love and hope you enjoy reading more about Destiny's Child.

Peace, Love, and Chitterlin Grease.

God Bless- Destiny's Child

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