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Bullwidgeon's Roost

This is my uncle Dave. We call Dave "3 Bulls". 3 Bulls is the one of the best damned free guides in the state! I guess having uncles is not all bad! Hehehehe!

This is Larry. Larry killed this nice ram in Arizona. 3 Bulls and I and a few other relatives of ours helped Larry kill this nice ram.

This is another exceptional ram from Central Arizona. A buddy, Jay, killed this ram with 3 Bulls and I and our family members help. This ram scores 169.5 Boone and Crockett inches.

This is me hunting ducks in Louisiana 2 years ago. I had a great time.

This is a collared peccary I busted last year with my Encore. An Encore is a helluva pig killer!

This is the famous 1 horned bull I got 2 years ago. 1 horned elk are better than no elk. I am happy with him.

This is a Javelina I got this year with a Smith & Wesson Stealth Hunter 629. It is a good pistol for sure.

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