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The Chow Yun Fat Theater

Mr. Chow

Let's face it. Chow Yun Fat is coolness personified. And there isn't one man out there who can deny it. That is why I'm bringing you his best films here at Chow Yun Fat Theater. If you have any suggestions you can write to me at and I'll see what I can do. Now that we got that out of the way, go and have fun! And remember, two guns are better than one. P.S. : Please sign my guestbook and vote before you leave, and check out my Main Page for more cool things. Thanks.
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List Of Movies :

  • "A Better Tommorrow" a.k.a "Ying huang boon sik", is the film that began the "Heroic Bloodshed" genre of Hong Kong action cinema. It is also the first Chow Yun Fat action film directed by John Woo.

    Chow Yun Fat portraits Mark, a trenchcoat wearing, toothpick chewing, smooth talking gangster. Along with his best friend and partner, Ho (Ti Lung), they made a good life for themselves counterfeiting money. Ho have a younger brother who happens to be a police cadet called Kit (Leslie Chung), Ho trys hard to make sure that Kit doesn't find out about his real occupation. But it all changed when Ho and a rookie, Shing, went to Taiwan and got set up. Being pursued by the police and wounded, Ho tells Shing to leave him behind so he could delay the police. Ho turned himself in to the police, allowing Shing to escape.

    Mark learned of the incident and was hell bound on revenge. In one of the sweetest shootouts ever filmed, Mark killed the men who betrayed his friend. But by the time the battle was over, Mark got his leg ripped apart by bullets and became more and more useless to his superiors and his life started to take a dive for the worse. The mob, looking for revenge, descended up on Ho's home and murdered his father. Kit finally learned that his brother's true profession and blamed his father's death on him.

    Three years later, Ho is released from prison and discovered that because of his leg wounds, Mark lost his job and became a simple janitor who scrubs dust off of his bosses stretch limo. Ho felt heartbroken that his friend wasted his life just for him. He reunites with Mark and finds out that Shing is now the big man in the syndicate, the same rookie who escaped with Ho's help years ago during the foul deal. Shing trys to corrupt Ho and Mark but they refuse to obey, they decided that if they are to come clean once and for all, they would have to stop Shing.

    After thinking long and hard, Kit decides to forgive his brother for their father's death and together with Ho and Mark, plan to foil Shing's plan once and for all in the climatic shootout that shouldn't be missed.

    This movie is one of my most favorite because Chow Yun Fat portraits the character Mark with such energy and style that you form an emotional bond with him. Highly recommended movie. **** out of ****

    Memorable quote : Ti Lung:"Do you believe in God?" Chow Yun Fat:"I am God."

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  • "The Killer" a.k.a "Die xue shuang xion", is the most acclaimed Chow Yun Fat movie of all times.

    Chow portraits a skillful assasin goes by the name of Jeffrey. He is a very devoted, very religious man who spends much time in the Catholic Church. Jeffrey's best friend and partner, Sidney, who has been with the assasin organization for a quite while now and is well known, brings him new assignments to work on.

    During one of the jobs in a nightclub, in a high-powered shootout, Jeffrey tried to protect a lounge singer named Jennifer, but the flame from his gun accidentally hit her in the eyes, damaging her cornias badly. She almost went blind from the injury and can only make out light and shadow. Feeling tremendous guilt, Jeffrey helped Jennifer with her daily activities and slowly fell in love with her. Determined to help her pay for a cornia transplant, Jeffrey takes on one last job from Sidney, to assasinate a very wealthy man at a local Dragon's Boat race.

    After the assasination, Jeffrey is pursued by a maverick cop, Inspector Lee, who is determined to bring him in. Jeffrey arrives at the rendevous point where Sidney is suppose to be with his money. Instead he was attack by the members of his own organization, he barely escaped with his life.

    Later he met up with Sidney and learned that Johnny, nephew of the wealthy man Jeffrey assasinated earlier, has recruited hitmen to go after him, in fear that Jeffrey will come back on him. Jeffrey didn't know if he could trust Sidney but he decided that he have to. After a confrontation with Inspector Lee, Jeffrey and Lee decided that they should help each other to get rid of their common enemy, Johnny.

    Jeffrey and Lee brought Jennifer to a Church while Sidney went to Johnny to try to get the money for Jeffrey. He was successful but was seriously wounded by Johnny's men and died. Johnny and his men followed Sidney to the church and it is there where Jeff and Lee finally faces off with a seemingly endless wave of hitmen.

    This is my most favorite Chow Yun Fat film because of the heavy melodrama, the perfectly choregraphed gunfights, and the superb acting by Chow. Highly recommended movie. **** out of ****

    Memorable quote : Chow Yun Fat:"Arrest me later. Fight now!"

    Famous Scenes :
    The Assasination :
    Chow Yun Fat fired 1 round to the head and 2 rounds to the body of Tony Wong through a high-powered sniper rifle.
    The Betrayl : While in the air, Chow Yun Fat picks off a sniper with his pistol.
    The End Scene : Chow Yun Fat, along with Danny Lee, storms out of the church with weapons blasting.

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  • "Hard Boiled" a.k.a "Lashou shentan", is considered as the second most successful Chow Yun Fat film. While "The Killer" is his most acclaimed work. "Hard Boiled" is definitely most action-packed . Filled with hyperkinetic gunfights and stunts.

    The beginning of the film will completely blow you away, makes you wonder how he could possibly top it. The ending alone makes the movie worth while to own, take place in a hospital, it's 40 minutes of nonstop action and mayhem as cops and gun runners faces off.

    The film focus on two main characters. One of them is Inspector Yuen, otherwise know as Tequila, played by Chow Yun Fat. The other is an undercover cop known as Alan, played by Tony Leung.

    Tequila is determined to bring Johnny Wong and his band of gunrunners down. And more than once had he came face to face with Alan in some spectacular gunfights.

    After talking to an informant, Tequila learns of Alan's real identity and decided that they should work together and bring down Johnny. The duo learned that Johnny has a secret cache of weapons in the basement of the local hospital.

    Johnny had taken all the patients hostage and is on a full scaled war with the police, who have no way of breaking in. Main while Tequila and Alan, armed to the teeth, are wageing a war inside the hospital with endless thugs until the spectacular climax.

    This is another one of my favorites because of it's always engaging plot and wild action. This is a must see for all the guys out there who want something more than your usual summer meat and potatoes action flick. A must see. **** out of ****

    Memorable quote : Superintendent Pang:"Give the guy a gun and he's Superman. Give him two and he's God!"

    Famous Scenes :
    The Banister Scene :
    Chow Yun Fat slides down the stair banister with two guns pumping rounds, without reloading.
    The Motorcycle Raid : Johnny's men on motorcycles raiding Mr. Hoi's arsenal. Plus you get to see Mad Dog in action.
    The Sting : Chow Yun Fat drops from the roof, firing from a MP5 automatic and a 12-guage shotgun.
    The Hospital : Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung battle Johnny's men. One time Chow Yun Fat fires once, and two men drop.

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  • "The Replacement Killers" is the American debut of Chow Yun Fat.

    In this film Chow portraits John Lee, a professional assasin who works for the infamous Mr. Wei.

    After an incident involving Mr. Wei's criminal son, who was killed by a cop, John was hired to kill the cop's young son. John took the job but refused to kill.

    John tried to enlist the help of a passport forger, Meg Coburn, played by Mira Sorvino, but Wei's men followed him close behind and Meg is forced to enter an alliance with John.

    After many unsuccessful attempts on John's life, Mr. Wei brought in two professional killers, men with John's talent, to finish the job John didn't do and kill him as well. John realizes what he have to do so along with Meg, he foiled their plan to murder the young boy.

    John knew that because he betrayed Mr. Wei, his family will die in direct result. So he load up with hundreds of rounds of ammo and along with Meg, plan to destroy Mr. Wei once and for all.

    This is Chow Yun Fat's first American film. He doesn't have much dialogue since his English was still premature. But I like this movie nontheless, Chow delivers a stylish performance with deep emotions, along with plenty of action, not a bad start for our star. ** out of ****

    Memorable quote : Chow Yun Fat:"I'll need guns."

    Famous Scenes :
    The Opening Scene :
    Chow Yun Fat walks into a nightclub and rubs down a group of men.
    The Face/Off Scene : Chow Yun Fat held a magnum to a thug's head, it clicked empty, Chow then fired a round into the thug's stomach from the pistol in his other hand.
    The End Scene : Chow Yun Fat leaps onto the hood of Mr. Wei's car, pumping rounds into the car from two guns.

    Video CLips :
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  • "The Corruptor" is Chow Yun Fat's second American film.

    Chow plays Nick Chen, a street wise cop working the streets of the New York Chinatown. A rookie white cop, Danille Wallace, played by Mark Wahlberg, just joined the Asian gang department. Nick took Dan under his wing, protected him and showed him how things really work in Chinatown.

    At the same time a new gang called the Fukinese Dragons had began a war with the local Triads called the "Tongs", crime is out of control.

    Dan slowly adjusted to his new surroundings and discovered that Nick is corrupted by the Tongs, that he takes bribes and look the other way, he also receives tips on criminal activities once in a while.

    Nick trys hard to keep Wallace clean and uncorrupted but The Corruptor (you have to guess who that is) has his eyes on Wallace and is trying to win him over. After a while, Nick begins to learn some dark secrets about his new partner as well, and nothing is as shocking as the truth.

    I like this film much more than "The Replacement Killers" because of the heavy drama, the deep and complicated plot, the wild and quirky performance from Chow Yun Fat that resembles his Hong Kong roles, and his much improved English. Along with wild action and a thrilling, neverending car chase through the streets of Chinatown, this movie is must see for Chow Yun Fat fans. *** out of ****

    Memorable quote : Chow Yun Fat:"Beef intestine noodles, want some?" Wahlberg:" [disgusted] Uh . . . . no." Chow Yun Fat:"Wanna be a Chinese. You gotta eat the nasty stuff."

    Famous Scenes :
    The Opening Scene :
    Members of the Fukinese Dragons blasting the only survivor of a corner store bombing.
    The Lamp Store : Chow Yun Fat ambushes a group of Fuks with two guns, one in each hand.
    Ginzu Massage : Chow Yun Fat snuck up to a Fuk Dragon and blasted his head off with a .38 nickle plated magnum.
    The Car Chase : A car chase through the streets of Chinatown, with high-powered automatic weapons blasting civilians and cars exploding, you get the idea.
    The Freighter : A thug bursts into flame, falls and dies after 2 rounds from Chow Yun Fat's 9mm and his fine marksmanship.

    Video Clips :
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