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Sparky--Partner of Patricia

Sparky Bows
Sparky Bows.

Today is a red-letter day for Sparky and I -- We took our very first shower in the wash bay today!!

I have been able to get him into the concrete horse-eating room better and better -- he almost leads perfectly into it. So, I'd been giving him LOTS of treats while in there. He was still flipping out when I'd turn the water on, just at the sound of it he'd wheel and dash out the door.

I decided that I could do some desensitizing work with the actual washing and hose in a bigger, safer place -- like the arena. So we'd done some work on that, then today after our workout, I decided 'IT WAS TIME". So we went to the wash bay, prepared: halter, regular lead, and lead with chain -- so he didn't drag me out (and rip my back up again).

He rolled those big Appy eyes, snorted and yes, tried to leave -- I clicked like mad, and yes, he calmed down and wow, that nasty black hose didn't kill him...

I mostly just splashed his feet and sides, clicking like crazy. He's come a LONG way from being frightened at the sight of that room, to going into it calmly -- he grins at me as he goes in -- "I get treats for this! (grin)" -- to standing relatively calmly for a bath.

And yes, I cleaned out my pockets c/ting him in that wash bay!

Before CT:

Spanish walk:

Lunging at liberty:

Cue to "get up":

Bow, under saddle:

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