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Rumpy--the Abused Hinny

Rumpy is a 15 year old hinny who was obtained as a pasture mate for Holly's horse. He was used most of his life as a "ropee" for calf roping. He really had no desire to be anywhere near humans. This photo is from his second session of clicker training--he is putting his own head in the halter.

Holly asks Rumpy to "come" and for the first time ever, he does, willingly.

Rumpy is offering his leg--disengaging his hindquarters--checking out the box--and then stepping up on the box when asked.

Big news! Rumpy took his first trailer ride (since I've had him) today! It's taken a long time getting him comfortable in there, and I was afraid I might have been pushing it, but it seemed he had hit an impasse. I said, it's either sink or swim day. so I drove him around the property, with Tinker in there with him, and Morgan trotting behind the trailer whinnying (ah yes, it's not fun being the one left behind, is it Morgan?). When I opened the door, he hopped out, turned around, hopped right back in. Guess he wasnt' too traumatized after all. He's a brave little soul!

Tinkerbelle, Rumpy's pasture mate, putting her halter on and learning to step up on the bucket.