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Morgan--Partner of Holly

Picking up Hat
Morgan Fetching the Hat.

Handing it to Holly
Handing the Hat to Holly.

Morgan lives in Arizona with his owner Holly, and has just recently started clicker training. Holly is quite impressed with the results, as Morgan is very laid back and it was quite difficult to get him to do anything. As you can see from the photos, Morgan has become quite a bit more willing to work (play) and communicate. Morgan goes after his ball for a "fetch", picks it up, and then returns with it.

Morgan knows the difference in being asked to "fetch" different articles. Here he is retrieving his bucket on command. He will also present his bucket for his morning ration. The second photo shows Morgan "shaking hands" or presenting the indicated leg for stretches.

Morgan backing at the wiggle of the fingers. Morgan was extremely ear shy--here he is with Holly asking him to place his ear in her hand.

Morgan gaining some impulsion and following Holly at the trot.

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