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Lisa, Partner of Chrissi

I am Chrissi from Germany. I heard first about clicker via internet and I received Alexandra' s book on Chrismas. It was the best gift I got this year.

Immediately I started Clicker training and from the first moment it was exciting.

Of course in the beginning I had the usual problems like mugging and so or how to get rid off 4 horses who love to do clicker work and such stuff. But in a short while we had such a amazing progress. I sometimes can't believe it myself , how easy learning can be. For both of us. I learned such a lot about my horses and the weak points of my trainer personality since I use the clicker training. I enjoy this peaceful way of getting known each other.

On the pictures is Lisa ( Haflinger ) my main riding horse. I ' m just teaching her to close up on the side of the mounting block. A short time later she is doing it reliable. So it's easy for me to mount bareback. She figured it out with me using the shaping of behavior.

On the other picture, there is Lisa again and the 1 year old Paso Gaviora (very impatient because she wants to do clicker, too.)In the background is Lucky the 10 year old pony- mix from my daughter.He was our first horse and he ownes his special place deep in my heart.