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Halloween Horse Costumes

Dress up your horse (and yourself!) for Halloween.

All costume photos will be posted here for all to enjoy.

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Submitted by Cynthia Withers:

This Santa Claus and Reindeer ensemble was handmade by me for my Racking Horse, Rambo. Rambo and I won first place with this in a costume class in a pointed horse show for gaited horses. In fact, it went over so well that we wore the same costume in Baltimore, Maryland's Holiday Parade held November, 1999.


Rambo, a registered Racking Horse, makes his debut in the world of Thoroughbred Racing on May 13 at Baltimore, Maryland's Annual Preakness Parade.


This costume was handmade by my sister Donna and I for my Racking Horse, Rambo. My sister, dressed as a little girl astride the Carousel Horse, was carefully led around the ring by the little girls "mom" (me) during a costume class, winning the class at a pointed horse show in April 1998.


Senor Morgan
Senor Morgan

Senor Morgan
Senor Morgan

Sparky in Lights


Here is Dan in what was supposed to be part of our Halloween costume but it was right before a big storm hit and as you can see it was pretty windy. Not great pictures, but sort of an interesting effect!

Susan and Velvet
The Missouri Fox Trotter Celebration has an open costume class. this year, Velvet and I came as the Sixties. I have a burned bra on the top of the flag pole. I also have speakers on my saddle horn and played Aquarius with my CD player. I painted flowers and peace signs on Velvet and on her "jeans".

Thanks for publishing these pictures. I need ideas for next year's costume class. Is anyone willing to sell one of their costumes???

Chance and Becky

Chance and Becky

Here's pictures of Chance carrying Elvis (Becky). Chance is wearing a gold cadillac, complete with blinking tail lights. "Elvis" tied a boombox to chance and played Elvis songs. She threw little plastic mini cheesburgers to the audience!


Am submitting a photo of our Clydesdale stallion, Belvedere for your consideration. As a Gallant Charger, Belvedere battles Flash, the Dreadful Dragon (my husband, the green thing) for the hand of the Golden Haired Maiden.

Scarlett and Laura
Laura and Scarlett as Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle

Jill and Vegas
Las Vegas Gold - T Rex : the horse-ah-ron-ah-saur-us
and Jill Davis-Curtis: the Wild Cave Woman

Tiger and Tamer (Martine)

Tiger(Skylark 1995)

Rainbow Pony (1994)

"FiFi" the Poodle, ridden by "Tacki Bouvier von Smythe"(Martine)

Here's a picture of Ranger and I doing the Democrat Donkey costume.
I retired this costume after
lots of people booed us in a parade.
Sheesh....can't they take a joke?

IceFarm Halloween
From Icelandic Horse Farm
Mandy Pretty as Alice on Christine Schwartz' Valur
as The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
and Jesse Pretty on Skrekkur both as Skeletons.

KBR--Mustang Costumes

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