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Bribon--Partner of Teddy

Cone   Duck

Bribon has learned to target his cone and to pick it up on request. Bribon will also retrieve other things on request, as shown with the duck.

Shoveling   Shoveling

Bribon and Teddy live in Canada--here is Bribon shoveling the driveway during the winter.

A note from Teddy:

Bribon is the fulfillment of a 25 year dream. I was widowed very young and could not justify the purchase of a Paso Fino until after my family were all on their own. I first read about Paso Fino horses in an article written by one Rosalie MacWilliam. I have a letter in my file in response to one of my enquiries dated 1967! I read about them, and rode one whenever I had the chance. My first ride was on one at Cantlebrook Farms near Durango, Colorado. When I got off the tears were rolling down my cheeks and I was determined to someday own my own Paso Fino.

Then in 1993, I travelled a bit trying out Paso Fino horses and found Bribon, a red chestnut gelding, at Blueberry Bay Farm at Pine River, MN. I then imported him to Canada and he was the first Paso in this district.

Bribon will be nine years old in April, this spring. I have only been trying the clicker training for a short time, but have found it very helpful when incorporated with Pat Parelli methods, such as teaching Bribon to let me clean all four feet whilst standing on the one side(a Parelli task). I also used it on the trail to help him to stay at my speed. I honestly believe it helped!! Targeting and picking up objects has been a lot of fun. Once the snow and ice are gone I hope to get really serious with training.

Reading the clickryder list it is absolutely amazing what others have accomplished with this method. Bribon and I hope to continue and learn more as time goes on..............Teddy

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