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          Civ2 Absolut Hall of fame:

Under these lines can ou see the Absolut Hall of fame. If you want to join it,
then you only have to send a e-mail to me ( with your
Hall of fame(the file in your civ2 directori: hallfame.dat). Everybody who
send me a hallfame.dat will recive three civ2 scenarios. Remember this list is
just started, and the goal is the biggest Hall of fame on the net. The list:

Nr.1Hammurabi the Magnificent of the Babylons(A.D.1940
           Population: 320,000,000  Score: 5595 (King)
                -- Civilization Rating: 447% --

Nr.2 Morten the Magnificent of the Russians(A.D.1929)
            Population: 131,310,000  Score: 3273 (King)
                -- Civilization Rating: 261% --

Nr.3Michael Kohl the Magnificent of the Germans(AD2020
            Population: 188,000,000  Score: 2777 (King)
                -- Civilization Rating: 222% --

Nr.4  Acupulko d.VIII the Wise of the Aztecs(A.D.1988)
            Population:  67,490,000   Score: 1394 (Deity)
                -- Civilization Rating: 181% --

Nr.5 Mot "I" Tokogawa the Wise of the Japanese(AD.2020
           Population:  96,690,000   Score: 2256 (King)
                Civilization Rating: 180%

Nr.6  Bill Clinton 'I' the Wise of the Americans(A.D.2020)
            Population: 134,420,000  Score: 2256
                Civilization Rating: 180%


  If you want to join this list(it is not necessary to have a better one),
    please send me your hall of fame so I can put you on this Absolut Hall of
    fame. My e-mail:
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