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My name is Chase and I thank ALL of You who signed this book--my very first guestbook.

Name: Sharon
From: Tucson, AZ / USA.
URL: http://
Comments: One of my dearest friends Chase, Thank you for being you! I enjoy that special look I get when in a meeting, about being GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE. Today those words are so special to me and you know that. I am so very grateful Spirit gave me a friend like you to share this beautiful journey we are on. You are very special in MY LIFE today and always. I love everything you put into these wonderful pages and just savor over each and everyone of them. Please keep up the beautiful work. I love you, your little SIS.
21:18:08, December 28, 1998

Name: Roger
From: westland / mich.
URL: http://
Comments: I am not one for doing this, but there is one person i do think the world of, and thats chase. I love your page, and love your newsletters every other day. We all like having an angel type character online, someone pure, someone angelic, someone, someone so chase. He's an Angel. Sorry, but I think I have always felt this way. He is truely a angel on earth to put it bluntly.....HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL WHO READS THIS :)
02:01:45, December 17, 1998

Name: Beth
From: USA
URL: http://
Comments: I wanted to let you know that I like the page!! Maby one day Ill figure out how to do one.
22:22:37, December 12, 1998

Name: roger
From: westland / usa
URL: http://
Comments: Just dropped in to say hi and tell you i love you very much buddy. this room never looked this bright tonight until i came to your web page. your pages are so uplifting, i recommend this to anyone who might need a lift. :) much love to the family of friends.
22:51:24, December 04, 1998

Name: Charla
From: Oklahoma / USA
Comments: I found your site on Margies page. Shanni had sent my page to her. I clicked on to see yours and what a wonderful surprise!! You are blessed also with the gift of conveying a part of your soul to others in your page. Thanks so much! My web page is the first one and I am learning so much from other pages I view, yours being one of them!! THANKS AGAIN, Charla
01:12:24, November 10, 1998

Name: Vic Byrd
From: Nashville, TN / USA
URL: http://??
Comments: Your web site is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Dealing with Injury and ilness all day, this is like a breath of fresh air. I'v cried my way through your site several times.(tears of joy and sadness) It's wonderful, please keep up the wonderful work. Vic
09:52:39, November 04, 1998

Name: roger
From: michigan / usa
URL: http://
Comments: Dearest Chase. congradulations on the award. you deserve it! i appreciate all your hard work. ((hugs))
13:34:02, October 31, 1998

Name: Peggy
From: Austin / U.S.A.
URL: http://
Comments: Chase you have a mighty fine web site and I know I will be back.Keep up the good work and rememberIi love you!!
13:07:19, October 18, 1998

Name: Lee Zhao
From: Piscataway, New Jersey / USA
Comments: Well, I really think that the page about your thought is quite intriguing. Keep up the good work. Drop by and read some of my stuffs now. Sign the guestbook too. Later.
20:33:04, October 16, 1998

Name: Linda McIntosh
From: Huntsville, Alabama / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Just doing a littl browsing, came by after visiting with Spider Angel. Really enjoy your place. I will stop in again. thanx
09:27:14, October 16, 1998

Name: roger
From: michigan / usa
URL: http://
Comments: Chase, i feel so honored to have been a part of such a great and wonderful story. and shanni, i thank you aswell for your wonderful part in this great page of turtle. Yes, i do believe turtle is very happy right now where ever he might be. i wish you both and those who read this much love and happiness. :)
21:11:26, October 10, 1998

Name: Michele
From: Canfield / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Very sweet, have shared with friends
11:56:24, October 07, 1998

Name: brett
From: Daytona / USA
URL: http://
Comments: thank you for the wonderful birthday greetings just another perk in this year's Bday celebrating many kisses and hugs Brett
18:59:00, October 04, 1998

Name: roger
From: michigan / usa
URL: http://
Comments: dear friend. to me you always had the best sight. :) things continue to grow out of love. your websight is nothing but that. expect only love and aswell, the best. your in my heart at all times my dear sunshine. :)
21:53:00, October 01, 1998

Name: Daniel Wilingham
From: Rome Ga / U.S.
URL: http://
Comments: Thanks Chase
15:50:45, September 30, 1998

Name: Jena
From: Canada
Comments: Hey Chase, you have a beautiful web page, it has a very inspiring and powerful effect. Congratulations on such a great page. I hope to talk to U in the AWroom soon- Jena
09:40:22, September 28, 1998

Name: Samantha Casey
From: Pikeville / USA
URL: http://
Comments: I love your site. It is wholesome and very refreshing. Keep up the good work Chase. Samantha
06:28:00, September 28, 1998

URL: http://
12:02:30, September 27, 1998

Name: Jamye
From: Columbus, Ga / USA
URL: Haven't got one.
Comments: What a beautiful site. Thank you.
07:47:07, September 27, 1998

Name: Kristen Dobson
From: Cape Coral / USA
URL: Haven't got one.
Comments: I like your site so far. It is very touching. Although I haven't been able to see all of it yet, I do look forward to revisiting your site from time to time. Thank you. Kristen.
02:09:21, September 27, 1998

Name: harriet gillentine
From: myrtle creek, or / usa
URL: http://
Comments: I do so much like your home page. A friend at church told me to check on it if I didn't mind shedding a tear. I was blessed! I was marrid to an alcoholic, he is still in denial. I hope some can save a chair for him. I couldn't.hg
17:37:14, September 20, 1998

Name: Kathy
From: Billings / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Chase - What a wonderful site - I've been here before, but had to come back for another look - Thanks for sharing - and continued good luck and best wishes - always - and GOD BLESS - with warmth and friendship -
21:36:43, September 19, 1998

Name: hailey
From: USA
Comments: Wow. Excellent page! Keep up the GREAT work! and God bless you!
01:57:35, September 19, 1998

Name: Jackie
From: Asheville / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Chase this is a wonderful site you have. I do know God richly blessed me by having a friend send it to me. Thank you for all your inspiring words. Love in Christ.
18:34:46, September 17, 1998

Name: CJ
From: USA
Comments: Chase, what a lovely site you have here! God bless you as you continue to give love to others.
22:41:38, September 15, 1998

Name: BriaN
From: usa
URL: http://
Comments: When u dwell in the past, the memories last. But u never seem to go anywhere fast
21:11:06, September 14, 1998

Name: Tim
From: Helendale, Ca / USA
Comments: Truly an inspiration and a fine example of the Gospel. God love ya! Tim
20:16:10, September 12, 1998

Name: Lindsey Hockely
From: littleton / usa
Comments: what a really beautiful page you have doen an absolutly marvilous job!
18:00:28, September 12, 1998

Name: Joni S.
From: Tucson / USA
URL: none
Comments: Chase: Your words websites are very inspiring. Thankyou so much.
12:09:32, September 12, 1998

Name: LO
From: Laurel, MD / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Thanks for sending me your web site. I have enjoyed it very much, and will pass it on to my friends. Thank you, LO
18:29:19, September 11, 1998

Name: Dianne
From: Chicago / USA
URL: http://
Comments: The work you all do is what keeps me comming back to AOL... Thank you for the great job.
04:45:06, September 11, 1998

Name: Ginny
From: Endwell, NY / USA
Comments: Dear Chase, What a fantasic birthday tribute to our beloved Lacy. Thank you for providing us with a birthday party for lacy that we can all attend. Happy Birthday Sweetie. Hugs to you both, Love Ginny
23:37:37, September 10, 1998

Name: Carole I
From: Rockville MD / U S A
Comments: Hey Chase, Way to go! ! ! ! This was just great and am very proud of your great works here for one of our most favorite people - LACY ! ! I need you good buddy to come and do my pages as it is sure effident that your young mind is far more creative and smarter than mine Thanks for putting so much of your sweet self into this We enjoyed it (we meaning me, my hubby Tim and granddaughter, Evelyn age 9) Again Great job....great poems....great graphics and great big hugs to you for doing this very sweet and kind thing...{{{{{{{{Chase}}}}}}}}}}
20:49:10, September 10, 1998

Name: Lora
From: Georgia / USA
URL: http://
Comments: The Happy Birthday to Lacy page is GREAT!! Love and Prayers, Lora
20:38:37, September 10, 1998

Name: Mary D
From: TX / USA
Comments: What a wonderful page for Lacy. I know she appreciated it. Thank you
20:34:18, September 10, 1998

Name: Barbara J
From: owensboro / USA
URL: http://
Comments: I needed to read your Chase'sTears ofJoy. I am trying so hard to be cheerful, but I have a lot on my mind and it's rather hard sometime to remember other have the same feelngs.Tears of Joy brought me back. thank you.. you will be kept in my favorite place. BJ
19:24:29, September 10, 1998

Name: Lorrie
From: Northern OHIO / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Thank you Dear Lord for ALL that you have given me (everything), For ALL you have taken away (Hurt, Pain, Heartaches, Sorrows) and for ALL you have left me with!!(this day and ALL the folks lives that I may touch, with your BLESSINGS)
15:33:06, September 10, 1998

Name: Lorrie M.
From: Northwest, Ohio / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Such a lovely site. just wanted to say Thank You!! Always felt life was like money-yesterday is a cancelled check,(cant change it) tomorrow-is a promisary note,(keep your word) today-is cash!! Spend it wisely.(earn the love you receive,and chose your friends wisely)
13:46:28, September 10, 1998

Name: Karen Shamulus
From: Frankfort, IN / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Awesome!
12:35:26, September 09, 1998

Name: Allen
From: Out of this world
URL: http://
Comments: Thanks. I love you
22:14:40, September 08, 1998

Name: Carol Zerucha
From: Columbus / OH
URL: Haven't got one.
Comments: Great web site, Chase! Very inspiring and sweet, like you! Huge hugs to you! You're just super!
18:49:34, September 08, 1998

Name: sarah white
From: paw paw / usa
URL: http://
Comments: really nice , and I love your poems. do more of them
17:25:48, September 08, 1998

Name: K. Honda
From: USA
URL: http://
Comments: Thank you
13:09:47, September 08, 1998

Name: Gary
From: san jose cal / usa
URL: http://
Comments: Hi Chase just thought I would let you now I have visited your web site again. Keep up the good work
00:00:36, August 29, 1998

Name: roger
From: westland / mi
URL: http://
Comments: Just wanted to let my dear friend know that i love him. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your thoughts and prayers for lynda. Your such a dear and sweet soul chase. you do so much for the family of friends we love you and love your email and updates. Hope all is well with you sunshine :)
18:59:41, August 28, 1998

Name: Joycee
From: Shadyside, Ohio / America - the best
URL: http://
Comments: I guess more than one miracle is named Chase! My grandson was not expected to live the first few days of his life, and the first year was not a pretty sight. But now he is a wonderful, healthy, ornery Boy!! Thanks for sharing.
19:37:01, August 20, 1998

Name: Rena'
From: USA
URL: None to Date
Comments: Hi My Friend:-) :-) I know this is a tad bit Late, but I hope Your Birthday was the Happiest and Best Ever. May All Your Wishes Come True Today, Tomorrow , and Always (-: Have a Fantastic Day/Night/Weekend. Take Care of You for Me. Luv Ya Your Friend Indeed Rena' :-) Nay (-: :-)ing And Waving:-) PS. Keep up the Fantastic Work my Friend.
19:17:01, August 20, 1998

Name: Linda
From: NYC / USA
Comments: I loved your pages and I'm glad you had a happy birthday despite your loss.
17:49:20, August 20, 1998

Name: Eve
From: NYC / USa
Comments: Thank you for inviting me to your web site..i have enjoyed my visit and I loved the Tears of Joy...that was great...its a wonderful site...its refreshing..God bless you and continue with your great work.. eve ^i^
20:34:39, August 19, 1998

Name: Karin
From: Lancaster NY / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Chase you're so sweet and thoughful Angel Hugs Karin
15:44:00, August 17, 1998

Name: Angel
From: USA
Comments: Dearest Chase, I said a prayer for you today, and know God must have heard. I felt the answer in my heart, Although he spoke no word... I didn't ask for wealth or fame, I knew you wouldn't mind. I asked Him to send treasures Of a more long lasting kind. I asked that He'd be near you, At the start of each new day. To grant you health and blessing, And friends to share your way. I asked for happness for you, In all things great and small But it was His loving care, I prayed for most of all. Happy Birthday Chase and many many more honey. Love, Angel
12:02:06, August 17, 1998

Name: Holly
From: USA
URL: Haven't got one.
Comments: Hi. I'm Holly, and I'm an alcoholic. I have been sober since July 4, 1990. I couldn't help but think about something that the Big Book says while reading your story. It says Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God's world by mistake. Thank you for sharing The Reserved Chair. It's a great reminder to listen to that still small voice of God, because He knows exactly what all of us need.
07:22:22, August 16, 1998

From: Fort Worth / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Thank you very much Chase for saving this chair for me. It is the most comfortable chair you could have offered me. Yes, I believe..!! btw...a very heart felt congratulations on your 52nd Birthday. Thank you for giving me a present on your day. It is a very beautiful surprise. Happy Birthday..!! Chase.
01:47:24, August 16, 1998

Name: Bob Crossley
From: Cranston, R.I. / USofA
URL: http://
Comments: Continue to believe in HIM. Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer. May God bless you and yours.
19:59:03, August 15, 1998

Name: Connie aka Skye
From: Alberta / Canada
URL: http://
Comments: Hope you have a VERY Happy birthday Chase. I am glad I have met you. Have a wonderful day!
19:34:18, August 15, 1998

URL: Haven't got one.
Comments: Dear Chase: I thank my friends AngelwildX and Lacyday for sharing with me yourbeautifull work in this sites. God Bless You Sincerely, Gloria
18:34:40, August 15, 1998

Name: matt clemens
From: tucson, AZ / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Happy birthday today, my dear friend. You have made my life better by your honest sharing of your heart and spirit these many years. God has surely blessed us and will keep us-- In love and service, Matt
17:23:42, August 15, 1998

Name: Claudette Letendre
From: Maine / USA
Comments: Thanks for sharing this wonerful and beautiful site! I've enjoyed all of it! And I would love to give you my Rose Angel Award.

The World Harmony & Hug Movement
17:06:40, August 15, 1998

From: Tampa, FL / USA
Comments: So you're 52 years young today! Congratulations! Happy Birthday. May God grant you 52 more! (In other words, don't eat too much cake). Happy Birthday my friend! SIncerely, Lowell
16:39:17, August 15, 1998

Name: Dianne
From: S.E., PA / US of A!
Comments: Lacy sent along the links to your pages. I have been to three so far-how nice they are! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My 'bestest' friend also has a birthday today and I sent her your b/d page. You should consider writing a children's book about your pet. That was so cute. If you have never seen 'Andre' about the seal, you should. Similar story. But kids could relate more to the turlte :) Thanks for sharing.
16:10:49, August 15, 1998

From: florida / pasco
URL: none
Comments: just a note to tell you that a person in essence saved me a seat...he stuck with me thru cancer and treatments...being very ill i said and did somethings completely out of charactor for me...he was always there...never letting me down...letting me cry on his shoulder...reasuring me ...i was blessed in meeting him...God has seen fit to heal me..thru all this my friend has helped me...i thank him for the seat next to him..i know it was no accident he was there ...God is always providing us comfort if we only take the right seat..and i did just that and now i have a seat next to me..waiting for God to send somebody for his healing..of sprit soul and body...God Bless You!!!
14:49:17, August 15, 1998

Name: ~Spider Angel
From: God's country Colorado / U.S.A.
Comments: Chase a very special and happy B-day wish to you.........We will have to move a lil faster on this end as it looks like the Chase is on and you are wantin' to catch up to me................(*.*) Can't think of a more special person to walk down the path with We to are in recovery but on the other side....Will have 31 humble and blessed years............Thank God for this wonderful program...............Just look at the wonderful family that it has brought together......... We just lost my only brother July 4 th from this disease after many years of tryin' andI guess never findin' just that right chair.......Wish he could hve found the one next to you..............We love ya from the heart and may you have many more happy B-days and ONE DAYS AT A TIME...Love n huggies ~Spider Angel
14:11:22, August 15, 1998

Name: micheal
From: jewett, tx / usa
URL: http://
Comments: A gift of joy to the world was born this day. Thank God for Chase.
12:42:40, August 15, 1998

Name: Carole and Evelyn (9)
From: Rockville MD / U S A
Comments: Enjoying your fantastic pages and marking them for when the twin gradnsons come and stay next week.. Very nice....AND FUN! ! Hope you will come and visit us - though we may be a bit boring LOL
11:42:29, August 15, 1998

Name: Tara
From: HighPoint, NC / USA
URL: http://
Comments: I have 12 years recovery and this has touched me so, thank God you here Peace & Light Tara
10:49:58, August 15, 1998

Name: Shirley C.
From: Reno, Nevada / USA
Comments: Happy Birthday, Chase !! You're new pages are Wonderful... Thank You !! Shirley C.
10:36:11, August 15, 1998

Name: Heather
From: Dover, DE / US
Comments: amaze me more every day!! This is such a beautiful and inspirational site. They both are. Thank you so much for sharing them with me, and God bless you. Love, Heather
09:02:34, August 15, 1998

Name: Bill
From: Houston / Texas
URL: http://
Comments: Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Chase! Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuuuu!(high note) There are those that come into our lives and make a profound difference ~ In many many ways...they are rare and are just such a person to me......>smile<
08:27:59, August 15, 1998

Name: Paul Gurski
From: Waterford, Michigan / USA
URL: http://
Comments: I love your web page's they are very good.
08:06:49, August 15, 1998

Name: Ginny Clark
From: Endwell, NY / USA
Comments: Dear Chase, Happy Birthday. Thank you for sharing. I have a beautiful daughter that is an alcoholic so your pages really strike home with me. You say so much to so many. Hugs Ginny
My hand drawn rose is for you.

The way to my Home Page.

07:59:54, August 15, 1998

Name: Patty Taylor
From: Charleston, WV / USA
URL: http://
Comments: I am so glad Lacy shared this with us, it was so moving. What a great way to start out the morning. Patty
07:48:36, August 15, 1998

Name: Shanni
From: Costa Mesa / USA
Comments: My precious brother....and I can say that and mean that with all my heart. I thank you for that beautiful story that has touched and moved my reminds me of when we met on the internet for the first time.... You see...when I met you, you were never a stranger to me...but I can share with you, that with God's Love that you share is very much unconditional and so real...that I too...sat down in that empty chair next to you in spirit...and we became bonded as one in God's a time in my life...when I needed it the most...God Blessed me with our pathways meeting to become the best of friends and a brother to me...I give thanks as I cried today reading your beautiful words in both of your new pages....and I do believe!!!! Thank you for that beautiful song. Going back to listen to it again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my precious brother...thank you for that chair in my life. Bless you... Love in Jesus, Shanni
07:32:44, August 15, 1998

Name: Laurie
From: Kent / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Tears of Joy are ever flowing
06:06:28, August 15, 1998

Name: Margie
From: Rochester, NY / USE
Comments: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHASE! And...Thank you for sharing that inspirational's one that makes a person go hummm ... what can I do to make a difference! You truly make a difference in many lives!
04:26:36, August 15, 1998

Name: Petra Schippers
From: Rotterdam / The Netherlands
URL: http://
Comments: What a nice story you told! Sometimes i feel a bit down but after reading your story about the chair, i truely believe in a God who is with us! thank you!! love and God bless! Petra
04:22:39, August 15, 1998

Name: Dotti
From: Knoxville / USA
Comments: What an absolutely wonderful, warm, amazing story. The Empty Chair really touched me. God Bless you
03:23:52, August 15, 1998

Name: Betty Bowen
From: Salt Lake City. Ut / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Thank you for the birthday song, My birthday is Aug 16th. I will be 55.
02:47:19, August 15, 1998

Name: Sandy
From: Sarasota, FL / US
Comments: Thank You so much for reminding me it is ok to cry. Wonderful page! God Bless In His Love Sandy
01:36:24, August 15, 1998

Name: Judi
From: Denham Springs, LA / USA
Comments: What a wonderful site you have created here. Congratulations on staying sober. God bless and stay strong. Thank you for sharing this wonderful site with me and others.
11:45:38, August 11, 1998

Name: Eliot
From: USA

Great Site!

I surfed in on someone elses guestbookPlease visit my site when you get time! Thanks!
09:53:32, August 11, 1998

Name: Acadian Rose
From: MS / USA
Comments: Chase I was so surprised and pleased by the beautiful awards you sent to me today. I am even more pleased to visit your beautiful site and leave my Rose Print here. God Bless and thank you for such inspiration.
02:10:38, August 11, 1998

Name: roger
From: michigan / usa
URL: http://
Comments: Its been awhile since I visited. my have you done some major changes. keep up the great work sunshine. and keep brightening everyones day like you do mine. :)
19:38:40, August 04, 1998

Name: Sharon
From: Smyrna,TN / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Chase, a friend sent the link to your wonderful page. It is so touching. I plan to check it all out later. God bless you and thanks for an uplifting page. God bless you and be with you.
08:30:18, August 02, 1998

Name: Carolyn Williams
From: Muscatine, Iowa / USA
URL: Haven't got one.
Comments: Hi Chase. I stop back here once and a while. You're doing a nice job with your page. I'll be back.
02:51:29, July 31, 1998

Name: Dave
From: Tucson / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Hi there: Lori aka Fee told me I should contact you. I'm also a big fan of AW and I live in Tucson too! We should keep in touch!
16:51:29, July 23, 1998

Name: Mark Sprouse
From: Cherokee / Iowa
URL: http://
Comments: Thank you for the Birthday Card and Greetings! This Day means a lot to Me and My Wife. Since the program brought us back together. Thanks again!
20:21:18, July 22, 1998

Name: micheal
From: Buffalo, TX / USA
URL: http:\\
Comments: Even in the grip of stress, a person like you - Chase - gives an oasis in which to become re-charged. micheal
09:23:52, July 20, 1998

Name: Andy
From: Laguna Beach, CA / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Such a lovely spiritual webpage, and so intimate. Enjoyed browsing through it and will return when i have more time. Thank you for sharing.
01:53:44, July 20, 1998

Name: Allen
From: Ojai, CA / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Beautiful Homepage, and thanks for the thoughts and jokes. I Love You
22:24:36, July 18, 1998

Name: Arnold Cottreau
From: Yarmouth, N.S. / Canada
URL: http://
Comments: Hello, I enjoyed your homepage and enjoy recieving your e-mail. I share most with my friends. We have no homepage as of yet but my boyfriend tells me he will try and get one up and running by the end of summer. We look forward to recieving your e-mails. Thanks my friend. Have a great week. Bye for now.
04:06:53, July 13, 1998

Name: Gib
From: Tucson / USA
URL: Haven't got one.
Comments: Chase, Happy Sober Day, little big brother. You are wonderful and an inspiration to me. Thanks for showing me the way and being there for both Trisha and I. Friends like you are special and I love you. Keep coming back, it truely does work.
10:23:20, July 11, 1998

Name: trisha
From: Tucson / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Happy Birthday, Chase! Congratulations on 11yrs sobriety. What a beautiful journey. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. It has been a great 11 years. One day at a time brings more joy than one can imagine when the journey begins. You deserve the joy, happiness and love, Chase. You are a beautiful soul. God Bless you. Love, Trisha
10:05:02, July 11, 1998

Name: zoey
From: manchester, Vermont / USA
Comments: Juts passing through Arizona heading back to Vermont. Time to make the donuts at Zoey's. Best regards > zoey from Manchester, Vermont
05:07:58, July 11, 1998

Name: Doug B
From: USA
Comments: Hey Chase...happy anniversary!
22:07:32, July 10, 1998

Name: hank
From: webster / u.s.
URL: http://
Comments: i love your homepage, and congrats on being sober for so long... i am very proud of you
09:25:42, July 10, 1998

URL: Haven't got one.
08:17:48, July 10, 1998

Name: John Danson
From: Preston / England
URL: http://
Comments: Happy Birthday, Chase
06:48:59, July 10, 1998