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Pedigree of: Patricks Max/Chilled Semen ONLY!Email for contract/ registered/FedEx shipping only..Semen also from IWK and Patrick's Bobby, Miss Molly and Sheilo breeding. I do not give out phone numbers to people I do not know and must have a signed notarized contract from you with all your information before we can have a telephone conversation . I also will require a photocopy of your identification with the contract and possibly other proof of who you are. We don't call people we don't know and don't accept telephone calls. . Sorry, that is the way things are now.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.See us on Facebook(Emily Patrick page)

Max's COI is 68% for his sire and 68% for his dam. A true Patricks Bolio dog. Max's DNA is on file with the registry.

Max is obedience trained and very smart. He is a loyal and watchful member of his family.

Terriers are known for thier high energy and "get to it" attitude. They are not sissies and will go into situations where other breeds will wimper and run off to avoid any pain. The small terriers are known for thier strong hunting instincts, in the hands of real terrier men. These dogs are just a bigger version. Don't get one of these dogs if you don't have the time or energy for a very energetic and driven pal who is loyal to the core.The AKC has turned these working dogs into non working shells. Some of us aim to preserve real terriers.Follow for more commentary on this issue. Vets love these dogs as they won't bite the hand that cares for them. Selection for the real working dog has eliminated those pathetic imitators from the gene pool of responsible breeders. Good health and sturdiness is the name of the game, not some poor thing that needs surgery on its eyelids and can't walk or dies early due to inbred heart disease.These are real working dogs. Please don't get one if that is not your style.

Join the Crusade Against the HSUS:pass it on to 10 or 50 people, twitter, facebook, message boards. Google Search Engine will pick it up if you use this phrase.

I am looking to start a class action lawsuit or a lawyer with the courage to go after the dog killers who raided us with fake badges and killed our dogs.I can only cover the costs as this raid left me with empty pockets as well as empty kennels and cost me my real estate investments for my retirement.

Contact us at or

Fee very reasonable. This stud has had all his bloodwork and he is healthy. You will have to learn to do A.I. and how to use a semen shipper. We recommend There are educational materials available from them on how to do all this.I also recommend for reasonably priced shippers and refill kits. Get a Fed Ex Acct so you can prepay both ways.

AKC registered Staff Terriers in addition to our regular line-up of fine dogs.

We also have Central Asian Shepherds from Uzbeckistan and Turkmenistan. These are the best guard dogs of livestock in the world. A large dog that is loyal to its family and treacherous to all others. The CAO must pass temperment tests to be accepted as breeding stock. There are pretenders here in the US trying to say that their mediocre dogs are the best. Beware. Your CAO should come with registration papers and proof of temperment and not have any genetic defects.Peddlers don't care about these things, they will just try to sell you a mediocre dog for a high price with a hyped up sales pitch. The fakes are on UTube and on two web sites, complete with music and stories and are hard to avoid in the search for a quality dog.

I have one female 7 mos old sired by Max. Send me an email, I will send you a contract, and then we can talk. $1200. This is a NICE dog!You won't be dissapointed.Link

Puppy Contract Puppy or Dog Sales Contract


Pat Patrick's Carver's Bolio(Dibo/Widow) and Maloney's(Toot and Dibo) Dogs,Preservation breedings

Link to broadcasts about HSUS and the fake badges

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