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Uppsala Kurdish Human Rights Committee

UKMR is a partypolitically uncommitted organization which works for human rights of the Kurdish people to be respected and to spread information about kurdish people in Kurdistan and in exile.

In 1991 SKKMR started an aid project - Qandil - to support the reconstruction of Kurdistan Iraq. The Qandil project gets financial support from SIDA, EU and other international organisations. Health care, water and sanitary projects and dwellings are the most important things hithero.

Health Center

For membership, please pay 100 Skr to postgiro nr 4777416-1

For further information, please contact :

Bodil Persson

Hagalund/ 744 93 Runhällen .......Tel 0224-92051

Please send us a mail if you have any comments to or suggestions for our work.


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