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THIS LIST IS FOR ARIZONA AND SISTER STATES* THE INDEX STARTS FROM PHOENIX ARIZONA* MILEAGE AND TRAVEL TIME* TRAVEL TIME MAY VAREY DUE TO ROAD TRAFFIC AND POSTED SPEED *YOU WILL NEED A ARIZONA STATE MAP****************(T/t = travel time)*********************** ASH FORK AZ.=110 miles*TRAVEL time=1.7 hr.**********BENSON AZ.=152 miles* T/t=2.4 hr.**********BISBEE AZ.= 205 miles* T/t=3.2 hr.**********BLYTHE CAL.=155 miles* T/t=2.4 hr.**********CASA GRANDE AZ.=45 miles* T/t=50 min.**********CHANDLER AZ.=19 miles* T/t=34 min.**********CLIFTON AZ.=207 miles* T/t=3.3 hr.**********COOLIDGE AZ.=51 miles* T/t=56 min.**********COTTONWOOD AZ.=106 miles* T/t=1.6 hr.**********DOUGLAS AZ.=229 miles* T/t=3.6 hr.**********DUNCAN AZ.=204 miles* T/t=3.1 hr.**********FLAGSTAFF AZ.=146 miles* T/t=2.2 hr.**********FLORANCE AZ.=61 miles* T/t=59 min.**********FREDONIA AZ.=342 miles* T/t=5.2 hr.**********GALLUP N.M.=285 miles* T/t=4.3 hr.**********GILA BEND AZ.=68 miles* T/t=1.1 hr.**********GLENDALE AZ.=13 miles* T/t= 20 min.**********GLOBE AZ.=87 miles* T/t=1.3 hr.**********GRAND CANYON AZ.=229 miles* T/t=3.6 hr.**********LAKE HAVASU CITY AZ.=208 miles* T/t=3.2 hr.**********HOLBROOK AZ.=191 miles* T/t=2.9 hr.**********HOOVER DAM AZ.=259 miles* T/t=3.9 hr.**********KINGMAN AZ.=185 miles* T/t=2.8 hr.**********LAS VEGAS NV.=290 miles* T/t=4.4 hr.**********LORDSBURGH N.M.=238 miles* T/t=3.6 hr.**********MESA AZ.=15 miles* T/t=23 min.**********MIAMI AZ.=80 miles* T/t=1.2 hr.**********NEEDLES CAL.=248 miles* T/t=3.8 hr.**********NOGALES AZ.=175 miles* T/t=2.6 hr.**********PAGE AZ.=282 miles* T/t=4.3 hr.**********PARKER AZ.=169 miles* T/t=2.6 hr.**********PAYSON AZ.=93 miles* T/t=1.4 hr.**********PRESCOTT AZ.=102 miles* T/t=1.5 hr.**********SAFFORD AZ.=164 miles* T/t=2.5 hr.**********ST.GEORGE UT.=399 miles* T/t=6.1 hr.**********ST.JOHNS AZ.=219 miles* T/t=3.3 hr.**********SEDONA AZ.=119 miles* T/t=1.8 hr.**********SHOWLOW AZ.=174 miles* T/t=2.6 hr.**********SIERRA VISTA AZ.=189 miles* T/t=2.9 hr.**********SPRINGERVILLE AZ.=220 miles* T/t=3.3 hr.**********SUPERIOR AZ.=63 miles* T/t=1.0 hr.**********TEMPE AZ.=9 miled* T/t=20 min.**********TOMBSTONE AZ.=181 miles* T/t=2.7 hr.**********TUBA CITY AZ.=225 miles* T/t=3.4 hr.**********TUCSON AZ.=111 miles* T/t=1.7 hr.**********WICKENBURGH AZ.=58 miles* T/t=1.2 hr.**********WILCOX AZ.=192 miles* T/t=2.9 hr.**********WILLIAMS AZ.=170 miles* T/t=2.6**********WINKELMAN AZ.=90 miles* T/t=1.3 hr.**********WINSLOW AZ.=184 miles* T/t=2.8 hr.**********YUMA AZ.=184 miles* T/t=2.8 hr.********************I HAVE THE MILEAGE INDEX FOR (U.S.A.) (CANADA)(MEXICO)IF YOU NEED INFO OR HELP*****EMAIL ME AND I WILL EMAIL ANSWER TO YOU****ALL MILEAGE AND TIME TABLES ARE FROM PHOENIX ARIZONA*****EVEN IF YOUR NOT TAKING A VACATION (THE PICTURES) FROM (GRAND CANYON EXPLORER) AND (WHITE MOUNTAINS) ARE WORTH THE TIME VIEWING......OR MAYBE A STOP AT THE HOT SPRINGS!!!!SEE BELOW

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NEW E MAIL ADDRESS( uin. 265462) **********************************NEW***********************************LINK TO: EL DORADO HOT SPRINGS POB 10, Tonopah, Arizona 85354****** Email: 623-386-5412 "S/He who believes that enough is enough will always have enough." Lao Tzu Greetings, We'd like to introduce you to El Dorado, the rustic spa we're building over a natural subterranean hot spring of odorless, taste- less mineral water. As nearly as possible, El Dorado offers a genuine desert hot spring soaking adventure, but with amenities, in a verdant and simple desert oasis. Practiced and enjoyed for many millennia, hot mineral water soaking is one of the oldest forms of natural therapy. Therapeutic massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy are available by appointment. Stone Meditation Circle is done. The first building is up; heated by spring water flowing under the floor, it will house the first indoor hot baths, more mineral water showers, an office, and a toilet. Shade cloth slides over the outdoor tubs, misting systems are in place, and cool tubs are available so soaking is comfortable when the sun is hot. Make plans now for El Dorado's Third Annual Winter Solstice Celebration, December 18-20, 1998, three days of bonding, letting go of the past, and returning to your future. A million miles from Monday, El Dorado is the home of the one hour mineral water shower, a place where the hot water never runs out. Compliments of Mother Earth, the waters are like an elixir that's akin to bathing in liquid silk. El Dorado has a couple of hookups and the septic system is completed, including an RV dump; we accommodate RV's or tents for overnight stays. Campfires encouraged; free firewood while the supply lasts. You can fill your tank from the deep spring. There's a phone line for guests for personal calls and email. Take the break you deserve by visiting El Dorado for a natural mineral water soak. Envision basking in a large open air private bath where you can make the water cooler in hot weather and hotter in cool weather. Imagine gazing at the stars under crystal clear skies or just being alone with yourself. Soaking is $15 per day per adult for a semi-private area in a designated tank. For private enclosures, soaking is $7.50 per hour per adult. The one Hour Fly By Special is $5 per adult. Half price for children under 16. Membership isn't needed at El Dorado --visit as often as you like. Frequent Soaker Discounts available. Bring a jug or two and take home some pure El Dorado spring water. For people staying overnight, it's $5 with no hookup or $10 with electric. Hours: 9am-9pm; other times by appointment. More hot mineral water baths are under construction. Nearby is Alice's Restaurant, a motel, an RV park that welcomes pets, mega acres of BLM land for free camping, biking, hiking, 4 wheeling, petroglyph and wildlife viewing, rock hounding, etc. There's much land for sale in the vicinity for as little as $800 an acre. El Dorado Hot Spring offers common areas free of tobacco and alcohol. Discrete smoking or drinking in private tubs or your campsite or vehicle only. No dogs please. El Dorado's 6.7 acres are in Tonopah (Indian for "hot water under the bush"), 40 miles West of Phoenix, near I-10 on a paved road with most services close by. We deliver meals from Alice's Restaurant right to you at the hot spring. At El Dorado, Mother Sun is our clock and peace, quiet, and the utmost respect for the space of others abounds. The main Saturday night activity might be constellation study under crystal clear skies, quiet conversation, or restful relaxation in a large hot bath. After greeting Mother Sun, Sunday might bring discussions of Native Americana, meditation, or just simple quiet time enjoying Bach, Debussy, The Eagles, Kitaro, Shostakovich, or Strauss. Or... nothing. Tonopah once was home to at least five hot mineral water spas. Two of these historic sites border El Dorado, including the last one to operate which was owned by a local legend, Tonopah Doc Gear. "The wilderness and the desert shall be glad and shall rejoice and blossom as the rose." We welcome all responsible people and look forward to your visit. The water is always warm at El Dorado. DIRECTIONS TO EL DORADO HOT SPRING: 623-393-0750 Forty miles West of Phoenix, Arizona or seventy-five miles East of Quartzsite, leave I-10 at Tonopah--Exit 94; go South on 411th Avenue. Immediately on the right is a Texaco Star Mart on the Northwest corner of 411th and Indian School Road. On the Southwest corner is Alice's Restaurant & Tonopah Joe's Truck Stop (Great food!). Turn right on Indian School Road and go 760 FEET West, 1.5 TENTHS of a mile. El Dorado is on the Left (South) side of the road at number 41225. You're home. "Self Acceptance Begins With Body Acceptance." In Hot Water, Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington

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