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Author Helene Rothschild has teamed up with Ann Warner to put in print the inspirational story of Ann's angelic visits and the transformation that took Ann from classical to inspired angel music.

Read about Ann's fantastic adventure and her road to angelic music in Chapter 1: First Encounter of the Angelic Kind. Other chapters include Touched by the Light; The Miracle of the Rose and Angelic Wisdom. Seventeen chapters in all.

Excerpt from "The Angels Speak"
"My dream came true in a way I never had thought it would. I had wanted to be a composer, ever since I was in college. Being a gifted pianist, since the age of five years old, offered me numerous opportunities to share with many people the magnificent sounds of classical music. I was very grateful and yet I had a yearning to create my own compositions.

The next thing I knew, my eyes closed. Then a vision of my hands on the black and white keys flashed in my minds eye, as I saw the Mozart sheet music fall to the floor. I visualized transparent hands over mine and I sensed “someone” standing behind me with their hands gently placed on my shoulders. Startled but still in somewhat of an altered state, I opened my eyes and returned to my beckoning instrument. As I sat down, something told me to put the tape recorder on. My thoughts were, I’ve never done this; I don’t know how. “Just try it. We will help you,” was the response I heard in my head."

-From Chapter 1 - First Encounter of the Angelic Kind

  About co-author Helene Rothschild
Helene Rothschild, M.S., M.A., MFCC, is a licensed marriage, family and child counselor. She is also a speaker, psychic, spiritual healer, founder and president of Joyful Living and author of over 40 empowering, inspriational and healing books, tapes, posters, cards and articles.

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Ann Warner is a teacher, composer and performer. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree from Seattle Pacific University. Also, she has taken advanced studies at the University of Washington and the University of Alaska. At this time, she is living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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