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****** Ann Warner is now up in heaven with the angels.

She had asked her friend Helene Rothschild to carry out her mission.

To order her wonderful angelic music Cds & Mp3's

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CD I - Angelic Favorites
CD II - Miracles of the Light
CD III - Symphony of Angels
CD IV - Celebration 2000 Angels of Joy
CD V - Angelic Favorites II
CD VI - Angelic Music From the Heart
CD VII - Voice of an Angel with Miracle Stories


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SPECIAL OFFER- CD, Angelic Music From the Heart and Book,Angels Speak, $17.95
List Price Book $11.95    List Price CD $12.95
CD I - Angelic Favorites

Favorites selections from the angelic tape series for your relaxation, meditation and healing. You will love the beautiful sounds of piano, strings, flutes and angelic choir.

CD II - Miracles of the Light: Music of the Angels

An exquisite blend of instrumental sounds that open the heart and uplift the spirit. Enjoy this musical tapestry of wonderful piano, strings, synthesizer, angelic choir, ocean sounds and more.

CD III - Symphony of Angels

Music Inspired by Archangel Michael. (Story of how Angel Michael came to Ann with this music is told in chapter 10 of, "Angels Speak.") Enjoy this spiritual symphony of beautiful piano, harp, angelic choir and ocean sounds. A musical journey of healing, transformation, and empowerment.

CD IV - Celebration 2000 ~ Angels of Joy

A beautiful album of celebration and joy. The joyful, clear sounds of a brass choir of trumpets, trombones, french horn, chimes, strings, piano, and angelic choir introduce this album. The music accelerates and celebrates the dawn of a New Millennium.

CD V - Angelic Favorites II

Wonderful healing chimes, bells and angelic voices accompany the magical themes and melodies in this new album. The music is excellent for meditation, healing, and relaxation.

CD VI Angelic Music From the Heart

"Beautiful New Published  Book, "Angels Speak," by Ann Warner and Helene Rothschild.  A heartwarming and touching, true story about Ann's divine encounters with the angels.   New CD!   "Angelic Music From The Heart." Featuring Guided Meditation, "The Healing Waterfalls," and beautiful sounds of waterfalls, angelic voices, pan flute, harp, piano, strings, healing bells, soft chimes and more.   Nine wonderful selections include: "Angels Are Forever,"  "Heart of Love,"   "Golden Angel," and "River of Light."  You will treasure both this wonderful, inspiring book and beautiful, healing music of the angels."
IN MEMORIAM: To all those who made their Transition from Earth on September 11, 2001. May the Angels of Love and Comfort assist us all in our Healing and Renewal.     
~Music of the Angels~ Ann Warner             
NEW RELEASE! ' Voice of An Angel -- with Miracle Stories'    Beautiful, healing music and miracle stories -- words spoken by Ann.  True stories and experiences of miracles and angels.  Cover includes the remarkable story of Ann's vision of Ten Thousand Angels.   TITLES: I Heard the Voice of An Angel,   Healing Light, Ten Thousand Angels,  Fly With the Angels,  The Angel's Touch & more. FEATURING: meditative piano, angelic harp, soothing strings, spoken words, healing bell, soft chimes.   Many listeners have heard and seen the angels while experiencing the angelic music.  You will love this album!


Beautiful Angelic Poster

copyright 1999 - Helene Rothschild

Total of 10 lines of verse
8 1/2" x 11" laminated

Dear Angels

Thank you for ...
Your magical touch
Lightening up my life
Your unconditional love
Guiding and protecting me
Reminding me of my worthiness
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Helping me to awaken and stand strong and true
Your loyalty no matter what I do, think and feel
I’m so grateful! I love you!


NEW - A Personal Angelic Healing Through Music

The Healing Angel cassette tape with a guided meditation. A VERY special album of angelic, healing meditation with 2 guided meditations and angel music background.  The Healing Angel guided cassette tape is loved by many listeners around the world. Listeners have reported healings, unusual events and have see the angels when listening to this wonderful, unusual cassette tape by Ann Warner.   


FREE BROCHURE available. ANGEL READINGS. Full Length or Mini-Reading. Do you have questions? Ask the Angels. Meet your wonderful Guardian Angel. Send an email to Ann for more details.

Music Sample #1
"Angels of Peace"
Music Sample #2
"Angels of Hope"
Music Sample #3
"Symphony of Angels"
Download Sample Download Sample Download Sample

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Music Sample #1
"Angels of Peace"
Music Sample #2
"Angels of Hope"
Music Sample #3
"Symphony of Angels"
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It is my desire that all who visit this page may experience love, peace and comfort. If anyone has a special need, please feel free to send an Email. I will remember you in thought, prayer and meditation.


Meditation: Visualize a beautiful Circle of Angels. You are in the center of the circle. A rainbow of light is shining down upon you; you feel great peace and contentment.

Affirmation: Say aloud or silently, I am a loving child of the Light. Nothing can hold me back. I walk forward with a feeling of confidence and strength. So be it... and it is so.

Love and Light, Ann (Angelpeace)

"ANGEL MUSIC" Ann has recorded a beautiful series (9 cassettes and 7 CDs) of Angel Music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Strings, flutes, piano and angelic voices create a wonderful blend of sound. Listeners have said the music is very heavenly. The music can be found throughout the United States and in many countries of the world. Hundreds of people have been able to heal and empower themselves as they have listened to the music.

Ann Warner
Angelic Harmonies
3370 N. Hayden Rd. #123
PMB 714
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Telephone: (480) 703-4077


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Your presence, Dear Spirit, creates a sanctuary of peace and love within me. May the stillness of Your presence restore my soul. Help me to feel your Angels of Protection loving me and keeping me safe. Thank you, Spirit. Amen

Be Still And Know....

The Great Silence Is Within.

Ann`s music is dedicated to people everywhere on the planet, and is given with love, joy and peace.

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