Welcome to LaRae's Transformational Cyber Library
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Welcome to LaRae's Transformational Cyber Library

Discover new perspectives for your Spirit, Soul & Body

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*Issues that make Christians squirm

*Looking for the perfect soul mate? ---------True Romantic Love can be found.

*Depressed? You're not alone

*Angels, Angels, Angels

*Sick of religion -but what's the benefit of being united with your creator?

*Spirit, Mind & Body -What's the difference?

*Did God really write the Bible?

*Want to make a difference in the world ------But How?

*Are you ready? The days are short and time is running out.

*I am the Path, the Truth and the Life -No one can get to the Father except through me. Pray and be united with your creator now.

*I've turned in my old creation for a New Spirit -Now What?

*Link Heaven

Powered by the Holy Spirit

Let me know if you have made Yeshua Jesus Lord over your life, so I can send you more information. If you need prayer for anything or discipleship, Please E-mail me.

Love and Blessings LaRae †

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Entering into the presence of the Lord is more awesome than your wildest imagination

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This web site is in continual progress, just as I am in progress by the help and power of the Holy Spirit. So come back often and visit, You're always welcome here. Miracles happening all the time!

Now I saw heaven opened and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True *Rev.19:11