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Sacred Reich
Welcome to the 'History" page!!

The SACRED HISTORY page is under construction.
From our first demo in 1985 titled
"Draining You Of Life" to our
8th record
"Still Ignorant" released in "97". It will all be right here.
For now here's a few interesting things not found on the other pages.

Draining You Of Life

1.Draining You of Life
2.Rest In Peace
3.Sacred Reich
4.No Believers


6.Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich "Draing you of life" demo 1985/86

The first demo tape! Draining you of life was recorded in late 1985.
Before this recording Phil was not the singer. A guy named Dan was in the
band and scheduled to sing but he was sick and couldn't make it. Phil having
written all the lyrics was the only one with a chance of nailing it! Well he did
and the rest is =SR= history. This tape featured original lead guitar player
Jeff Martinek. He left the band to join the army shortly after the tape was
getting noticed from Metalblade records. This was a great time for me
(Wiley) to join the band. Thanx Jeff!
Ignorance was the first song written when I joined the band. We went in the
studio and recorded Ignorance and re-recorded the song Sacred Reich.

We added the new recordings to the D.Y.O.L demo and sent it to MetalbladeThe song Ignorance appeared on Metal Massacre VIII released in 1986.

Metal Massacre VIII "1986"

Brian Slagel signed us to the label shortly after and in Oct, 1987 our first Record "IGNORANCE" was released on Metalblade Records. More history
to come in the near future.

I will get sound clips posted and lots More History to come !

Origanal "Independant" inner sleave art.

This is the first of two
paintings for the inside of the
"Independent" record.

We used the second one so
this should be your first look at
this lost sacred art work.

Cool, Huh?!

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