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Pictured here are the two different covers to the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep that have hit the press since 1982's release of the film.
Though the film has little to do with the original text, it did stay true to the feel of the first book.  The title of the  film was actually borrowed from a book, Blade Runner: (a movie), written by William Burroughs.   
After supposed much conflict with the Blade Runner Partnership, the much  anticipated sequel to Blade Runner by K.W. Jeter was released in 1995.  The book follows the style of PKD, but follows the story line from the film.  It was hard to get into at first, but well worth the wait.  Finally an answer to the question as to if Deckard is a replicant.
When I finished reading the first book, I already had possession of my copy of Replicant Night.  Still following in the footsteps of Dick's style, Jeter once again tells a story filled to the brim with paranoia.  After finishing this book, I can only hope for another installment.  
Replicant Night didn't fare well at the book stands, and to my knowledge never reached paper back.  This leaves a heavy question, will there be more?
Well for us fans Mr. Jeter, I hope so.
Paul M. Sammon's Blade-Bible.
This book is the encyclopedia to the film, it's origin as well as the future of Blade Runner on the internet.
No true fan of Blade Runner should be without it.
As with life, there are many different answers to why, and in this book there is every point of view from everyone involved with the making of  Blade Runner as to what went wrong. 
The book is 441 pages and is published by Harper Paperback and is listed at $14.00 counter price.