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Crystal's Teen Survey!!

Crystal's Internet Fibromyalgia Page!

Answering this Fibromyalgia Survey constitutes, as right to publish any information given, however, NO names will ever be used! (Click curser in white box. The tab key will advance you to the next space!)EACH WHITE BOX HOLDS 50 LINES FOR INFORMATION!

1) How old were you when you first noticed health changes?

2) What is your age now?

3) Who diagnosed you and how long did it take?

4) Where do you live - State or Country?

5) Please choose one!
*If error occurs, please write gender in box #6, as the first word!
Male Female

6) What is the worse thing about this syndrome for you?

7) What is your theory on how this illnes began?
(i.e. emotional stress, surgery, etc.)

8) What is one thing you have done and seems to be the best therapy for you?

9) Please provide a brief list of your symptoms, and share YOUR best methods used to manage them!

10) What POSITIVE advice would you give to a teen who has 'just been diagnosed'?

11) Does everyone around you understand 'chronic pain'?

12) What are your favorite hobbies?

13) If you were cured of Fibro what would you do?

14) Do you ever feel shunned or left-out having Fibromyalgia?

PLEASE BE SURE AND LEAVE A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS......There have been some requests for a reply, and I could not because of no e-mail address!
Yes No

Please list your NAME and E-Mail address:


I plan to share some of the information with ~Donna Heart (she is writing a book), however, NO NAMES will ever be used!! Your Submission Of Survey Facts Serves As Right To Publish!! Please do not submit anything you don't want published.

BUT,REMEMBER: NO NAMES WILL EVER BE USED!!! ~Donna Heart has asked me to co-write Chapter 2 with her daughter, Veronica!

Our basic goal together is to bring 'positive' awareness of this illness!

Having fibromyalgia has given me so much attention to wanting to help others! I encourage you to learn more about FMS either from reading, asking fibromites, or from yourself!!!

Thanks for visiting my page! ~Crystal~

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    Updated - January 1, 2000

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