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The cricket season is over for us in Nagasaki. The season was filled with mixed pleasure and sorrow. The Nagasaki Cricket team entered the Kyushu league with a big bang. Beating Hakata and Fokuoka in the first two matches very convincingly. But then lost all the next 4 matches. How it happend, we dont know. The team is well balanced, with good individual bowlers and batsmen, but somehow the winning mentality was not there. We would definitely do better next season.

The highlights of the season were :

1. Miyazaki got selected for the coveted place in Japan national cricket team. He will be touring Nepal very soon. We are proud of him and wish him the best in future.

2. Kawada, another Japanese player was groomed to become a wicket keeper and batsman.

3. Many people in Nagasaki developed interest in cricket and now the number of players who have played in the Nagasaki side has grown to 17.

4. It was a good past time for many and we enjoyed playing and visiting Saga, Hakata and Fokuoka.

5. The bad part was the weather. Cricket may be a summer game in UK and Australia, but it is definitely not in Japan. Some of the matches were played in scorching heat. It is really desirable that the cricket maybe played during the winters.

6. The standard of empiring was not good at all. There were many controversial decisions in many matches. the need is to promote a constant umpiring standard.

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