Michelles Realm
Misc Wavs

Tom Hanks - laughing
damit damit son of a bitch - Beevis
Duck Mix - mix of original duck getting a blowjob
The Man Song - a man who knows his place *smile*
Your balls are showing...
Duck Job - the original duck getting a blowjob
Well spank my ass and call me Charlie - South Park
Wacarena - funny version of Macarena song
Casino Satire - Bingo Movie, funny!
Yes My Master (Darth Vader)


here lizard lizard lizard

I Love You - cute kids voice

*whip crack* rated R

Pet Names for Genitalia *Hiliarious

Cartoon Characters

adios you chicken pluckin stinker - sam

happy happy joy joy... ren & stimpy

Porky - son of a b****

...so angry - Marvin the Martian

oh goodie!

yaaaa shut up! - sam


Lion King - pumba and simone

Sam Kinison - ahhhhh

Alrighty then - Jim Carey

chicken song


the rest of Dayo

Im sorry Dave... Hal

Im completely operational - Hal

Hello Computer - Scotty

Excellent! - bill & ted

teeny tiny short short d*** rated R

I feel good.... James Brown

excuuuse me - Steve Martin

I'll Be Back - Arnold

Oh E Oh ohhhh oh - OZ monkeys

All We Want to do is Pump You Up

Whoomp, there it is