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Sarge Lintecum
Copyright 1994, 1998

You say they're all dead.
You dismiss them from your mind,
Condemning them to slavery.
To facts it seems you're blind.

We who made it back
Know they didn't all die,
For we are among the few
Who must listen to them cry.

You believe the TV set,
And the politicians too,
Even though we've caught them all
Saying things that were not true.

But when it's acts of treason
Like a drug running CIA,
Or death squads trained in Georgia,
You look the other way.

It's not the government that forgot them
They know that they are there.
I'm afraid the blame must fall on you,
The American people just don't care.

You don't care for your veterans
Who made it back alive,
You don't care if they have more wars
Hell, you're on the winning side.

You allow them to commit treason
Then vote them in again.
No wonder we have to watch TV
To see the good guys win.

Sense the Bolshevik Revolution
In every single war
We've abandoned our POWs,
When they're gone we lock the door.

Let's all say it together,
Let's say it from the heart,
Though you're alive we declare you dead,
You were expendable from the start.

So don't try to signal us,
Don't send your photo out,
The government will say it's a forgery.
Truth is not what we're about.

I'm not sure when it happened
But the dream turned to a lie,
And as we silently pursue it
Our abandoned soldiers slowly die.

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