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Lawrence Marr Jr started out as a supporter of the Colonial cause serving in Captain Thomas Craig's company, 2nd PA Batalion , commanded by Colonel Joseph Wood. During the first part of 1777 his allegiance changed and he enlisted with the New Jersey Volunteers stationed on Staten Island. He was involved in a daring guerilla escapade. In 1781, he and John Moody were to steal and carry off the secret journals of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Some chronicles maintain that this plot was devised by Benedict Arnold. "In late August of 1781, John Moody and Lawrence Marr sailed from Staten Island to the vicinity of Little Egg Harbor where John had been born. James Moody was to travel overland by horse and rendezvous with them at Cooper's Ferry across from Philadelphia. Three guides led the first two by way of the South Jersey Pine Barrens to the appointed place, but for reasons that are unclear, James failed to show. There they met with their supposed co-conspirator, Thomas Edison, a clerk in the employ of Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress, who was to execute the plan and deliver the papers, but instead, he had arranged an entrapment and they were arrested." They were quickly courtmartialed and the Marquis de Lafayette presided. Both men were sentenced to die. John Moody, age 23 was hung on November 13, 1781 but Lawrence was "respited." According to the New Jersey Volunteer muster rolls, he was a "prisoner of the rebels" for the next 22 months. New evidence shows that his father and a family friend paid 200 pounds to the court for the release and promise of good behaviour. Lawrence went back to Pennsylvania, although he briefly went to Canada. He was married to Elizabeth N/A He died in 1821.

This letter came from the State of New Jersey, State Library, Department of Education, 185 West State Street, P.O. Box 1898, Trenton, NJ 08625.

The following has been correctly copies from the military records, formerly in the War Records Office, New Jersey Department of Defense now on file in the Archives and History Bureau.

Loyalist, Revolutionary War

Lawrence Marr

Pvt., Capt. James Stewart's Co., Lt. Col. Joseph Barton's Fifth Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers; enlisted 1 November 1777; stationed on Staten Island, January 8-March7, 1778; pvt., Capt. John Congle's First Battalion, New Jersey Voluneers May 1778; reported absent-"sick", August 31, 1778; reported "on guard" December 25, 1779; reported absent "with Ensign Moody" July 14, 1780; taken prisoner September 24, 1780; returned from imprisonment February 9, 1781; Cpl., Lt. Col. Joseph Barton's Co., First Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers; at Paulus Hook in 1782; Cpl., Lt. Col. Stephen Delancey's Co., First Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers at Dempes Ferry September 17, 1782; reported "Prisoner with the rebels" on that date; from September 1782 until August 24, 1783 reported "Prisoner with rebels."

I hereby certify that the foregoing is correctly copied from the original record on file in the Archives and History Bureau, New Jersey State Library, Trenton, New Jersey.

Sincerely Yours, Signature, Kenneth W. Richards, Head, Archives & History Bureau
John Moody's letter to his brother James just before Execution: Dear Brother: Let me entreat you not to grieve at my fate and the fate of my brother solder for we are both condemned to die tomorrow. Being taken for spies, being betrayed by the man we depended on to execute the plan proposed by Captain Beckwith, but pray forgive him as I do and likewise Lawrence Marr also and all I pray for is forgiveness from my maker and this one last request I have to send is that you will take care of my fate and never attempt to come out of the British lines. I am now in irons but thnks be to the Almighty I have the liberty of my tongue and Lord direct me to make good use of it, they praise. Give my love to my acquaintances in British lines, and Lawrence Marr likewise. Now I must prepare for Eternity having a few hours to repent for twenty three years of sin and Lord have mercy upon me as I come before the judgment seat of that great God in whom we must put our trust if he expects salvation. Thanks be to Almighty God, I now feel some easing in my mind since the sentence of death, which has not two hours. But I have prayed to my God since and every moment expecting a minister here. I must conclude with saying the Lord have mercy on your soul dear friend and brother, may he be your guide thereafter.Amen.
Ps: As to what property I have in New York, my desire is to have it sent to my father in Egg Harbour to be for his use and my mother and sister Lydia. The cash I mean for my clothes are but trifling, you may do what is best for them. Remember me to Captain Cougle and to the others in the company and to Colonel Barton and the officers in the Battalion, Lawrence Marr likewise.

Many thanks to Charles Marr who sent this to me and to Ted Brush, a New Jersey Loyalist Researcher from the Moody's in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This information was originally published by: ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY Papers and Records Volume ??, Published in Toronto in 19?? Pages 112-120. NOTE: The surnames are grouped alphabetically, but are NOT sorted. Return to my main index. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLACK LIST* A list of those Tories who took part with Great Britain In the Revolutionary War and were attainted of -:HIGH TREASON:- Commonly called the -:BLACK LIST:- to which is prefixed the legal opinions of ATTORNEYS-GENERAL McKEAN & DALLAS, etc. PHILADELPHIA, PRINTED FOR THE PROPRIETOR. 1802. Copyright secured according to Law. *Contributed by Mrs. J Rose Holden, of Hamilton. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (snip)... It may, therefore, be proper to subdivide the question and consider, 1-The situation of those who, previous to the 11th February, 1777, adhered to the King of Great Britain. 2-The situation of those who, after that time, took the oath of allegiance, or joined the British, and have been attainted of high treason. 3-Of those who, after the 11th February, 1777, took the oath of allegiance to, or joined the British armies, and were NOT attainted of treason. 1.--With respect to those who, previous to Feb. 11th, 1777, made their election, and adhered to the British, I conceive there can be no doubt, they became British subjects, and could not afterwards become citizens of Pennsylvania, but by complying with the forms, etc., prescribed it the Acts for the naturalization of foreigners. This priciple seems to be settled by the case of the Commonwealth against Chapman, determined in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in April, 1781. 2.--With regard to those who, after February, 1777, joined the British, and were attainted of treason, where the attainder has not been reversed or a pardon procured, they cannot be considered as restored to the rights of citizenship. The treaty of peace did not operate as a reversal of the attainder nor as a pardon, but only protects the persons from further prosecution or punishment. 3.--As to the third class, who, after the 11th. February, 1777, took the oath of allegiance to the King of Great Britain, or joined the British armies, and were not attainted, they cannot be considered as expatriated; though such acts might be deemed overt acts of treason, they must still be considered as citizens, and entitled to the rights of citizenship. Till attainder, their rights were not forfeited. The test laws have now no operation on the question, unless to show the sense of the Legislature in support of the above principle. By the eleventh section of the Act of 5th December, 1778, it is enacted that those who had taken the oath or affirmation of allegiance to the State, and afterwards to the King of Great Britain, should be incapable of election, etc., until they should take the oath therein prescribed by the Act of 13th March, 1789, all the test laws were repealed, and the oath of allegiance, etc., rendered unnecessary. So that those who took an oath of allegiance to the King of Great Britain, joined his banner, or committed any other treasonable act, are not disfranchised unless attainted. J. B. McKEAN. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AN ALPHABETICAL LIST Of All Persons Attainted of HIGH TREAS0N, IN PURSUANCE OF THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. Allen, John, died before the day limited for the surrender. Allen, Andrew. Allen, William, Junr. Austin, William. Armstrong, Francis. Armstrong, William. Airey, John. Allen, James, surrendered and died. Allen, Isaac. Adams, John. Arthur, Peter. Apfden, Matthias. Arnold, Benedict Anderson, Stephen. Adams, Jonathan. Ashbridge, Aaron, discharged by Sup. Court. Andrews, William. Adams, Susanna. Anderson, William. Biddle, John. Bartram, Alexander. Biles, Samuel. Bulla, Thomas. Braken, James. Brooks, Boyer, surrendered and discharged. Badge, Thomas. Bulla, John. Bray, John. Bramhall, Thomas. Brown, John, surrendered and discharged Buckingham, John Bolton, Joseph, tried and acquitted. Barton, Thomas do. Bean, Jesse do. Butcher, John. Buffington, Jacob. Bullock, Isaac. Burnet, John, surrendered and discharged. Bell, Samuel, do. Burk, Isaac. Burns, Thomas. Bell, William. Brown, James. Burr, Hudson. Burd, John. Burkett, John. Burk, John. Burge, David. Barrow, Samuel. Bryan, Joel, surrendered. Burns, George. Balderstone, Mordecai. Bartlett, John. Booth, Benjamin. Bond, Phineas. Brown, William. Burrows, Samuel. Boatman, George. Brown, Benjamin, carpenter, surrendered and discharged. Briggs, George, do. Brown, George. Boyer, Jacob. Bare, Abraham. Buffington, Joshua, tried and acquitted. Buffington, Richard. Blackford, Martin. Carlisle, Abraham. Clifton, Alfred. Clifton, William, surrendered and discharged. Compton, Wirnam, do. Corry, Robert, do. Christy, William Carver, Nathan Cunrad, Robert. Coxe, Daniel. Chalmers, James. Couper, Robert. Chevalier, John, surrendered and discharged. Club, James. Cunningham, John, surrendered and discharged. Curry, Ross. Craig, James, surrendered and discharged. Connor, Michael. Coley, Robert, Junr. Cable, John, surrendered and discharged. Canby, Joseph. Canby, Thomas. Campbell, Arthur. Chapman, Samuel, tried and acquitted. Chapman, Amos. Chapman, Abraham. Chapman, David. Clark, Abraham, surrendered and discharged. Chapter, Jacob. Caldwell, William. Clark, William. Crickley, Michael. Curlain, William. Croghan, George, surrendered and discharged. Colston, John. Comely, Joseph. Campbel, John. Campbel, William. Campbel, Peter. Clark, John. Crochson, Dennis. Corker, William. Corbet, Alexander. Deshong, Peter, tried and acquitted. Dawson, David. Deleplain, James, surrendered and discharged. De Normandie, William Davis, William, tried and acquitted. Davis, George. Duche, Jacob, Junr. Dunn, William. Dunn, Malin. Davis, James, Davis, Benjamin. Dove, Robert, surrendered and discharged. Doan, Joseph. Dennis, Henry. Dennis, John. Doble, Joseph. De Normandie, Andrew. Dunn, George, surrendered and discharged. Dennis, John. De Long, James. Dolston, Isaac. Dolston, Matthew. Dolston, Isaac, Junr. Dunn, George. Evans, Able. Eve, Oswald. Evans, Israel. Evans, William. Evans, Joel. Easton, Dennis. Elwood, John, tried, convicted and pardoned. Edwards, Joseph, surrendered and discharged. Effinger, Henry, Junr. Elliot, Matthew Evans, William. Evans, John. Elliott, Andrew. Ensor, George. Eddy, Charles. Eddy, Thomas. Erwin, Edward. Fouts, Christian. Ferguson, Hugh Henry. Fisher, Coleman. Fisher, James, surrendered and discharged. Fegan, Lawrence. Fell, William. Featherly, Thomas. Falkenstone, Abraham. Fursuer, Andrew. Fields, George. Fields, Daniel. Fields, Gilbert. Furner, Morris. Furner, Edward. Falkenstine, Jacob. Fleming, Law. Fox, John. Fairlamb, Samuel. Fincher, Benjamin. Fox, Joseph. Galloway, Joseph. Garrigues, Samuel, the elder, tried and acquitted. Gregson, James, do. Gregory, David. Gelmore, James. Gofling, John, surrendered and discharged. Griffiths, Evan. Green, Isaac, Junr. Gibbs, Benjamin, surrendered and discharged. Gorman, Enoch, do. Girty, Simon. Green, Thomas. Gibson, Edward. Good, George. Gill, Joseph. Grissel, Edward, surrendered and discharged. Gordon, Henry. Gorman, James, surrendered and discharged. Greswold, Joseph. Gordon, Thomas. Givin, Hugh. Hicks, Gilbert. Hook, Christian. Hanlon, Edward. Hovendon, Richard. Holden, John, tried and acquitted Holder, Jacob. Holder, George. Holtzinger, Ingelholt. Humphreys, James, Senr., surrendered and discharged. Hart, John, do. Hart, Chamless, do. Howard, Peter, do. Hathe, Andrew, tried and acquitted. Huntsman, John. Hurst, Timothy. Hales, John. Henderson, John. Hill, John, surrendered and discharged. Howell, John. Hendrickson, Jeremiah. Harvey, John. Hill, Henry. Haines, Caleb. Hart, Samuel. Harnet, James, tried and acquitted. Henry, William. Hardy, Peter. Hughes, Uriah, Surrendered and discharged. Hutchinson, Isaac. Hutchinson, Thomas. Hutchinson, Marmaduke. Hare, Jacob. Hare, Michael. Hill, Patrick. Hutchinson, John. Harvey, Samuel Housecker, Nicholas. Hughes, Thomas. Humphries, James, Junr. Iredale, Robert, Junr. Iredale, Thomas. Irwin, Dunning. Iredale, Abraham. Irwin, Alexander. Inglis, James. Ink, John. Irwin, Francis. James, Jacob. James, Abel, surrendered and discharged. Johnston, John. Jefferies, Samuel, surrendered and discharged. Jounkin, Henry. James, Benjamin. Jones, David, surrendered. Jones, Edward. Jones, Jonathan. Jones, Jesse. Jones, Daniel. Jones, Holton. Jones, Hugh. James, Daniel. Jackson, John. Keen, Reynold, pardoned by Act of Assembly. Kucker, Ludwick, surrendered and discharged. Knight, Joshua. Knight, John. Knight, Isaac, surrendered and discharged. Koster, John. Koster, Samuel. Knight, Nicholas. Kennett, Levy. Kennedy, William. Kissack, Robert. Kilby, Lawrence. Kennard, Joseph. King, Joseph. Kesselmun, Frederick, surrendered and discharged. Knapper, George. Kearsly, John. Kennard, Joseph. Leveisly, Thomas, surrendered and discharged. Love, William. Lisle, Henry, surrendered and discharged. Lifle John, do. Lisle, Robert, surrendered and discharged. Lewis, Curtis. Loosley, Robert. Linden, Hugh. Lindy, Uriah. Long, Abraham. Lawson, James. Loughborough, John. Musgrove, John. Little, James. Land, Robert. Land, John. Lightfoot, Thomas, surrendered and discharged. Lindsey, Samuel. Miller, Peter, tried and acquitted. Marchenton, Phillip. Moland, William, surrendered. McCollough, Kenneth. McHugh, Matthew, surrendered and discharged. Meng, Melchoir, surrendered and discharged. Meng, Jacob, tried and acquitted. McMutrie, William, surrendered and discharged. Morris, William. Millson, John. Madock, William. Malin, James, surrendered and acquitted. Miller, Benjamin, do. McClarin, James. Maris, David. Morgan, Moses. Marr, Lawrence. McMichael, Edward. McCart, John. McKee, Alexander. Marshall, William, surrendered and discharged. Myaer, Jacob, surrendered and discharged. Moran, Charles. Michenor, Isaac. McMullan, James. Martin, Thomas. Moulder, John. Malin, Joseph, surrendered and discharged. Malin, Elisha, pardoned. Morris, Enoch. Masee, Henry, surrendered and discharged by the name of Henry Maag. McNeal, Dominick. Mackinett, John. Mackness, Thomas. Meredith, John. McDonald Alexander. McHensie, Kenneth. McPherson, William. Nixon, Robert. Oswalt, Henry. O'Kain, Hugh. O'Kain, Darby Overholt, John. Potts, John. Pugh, James. Pugh, Hugh. Price, William. Parrock, John. Potts, David, surrendered and discharged. Pastorious, Abraham. Parker, John. Pyle, Caleb, surrendered and discharged. Pike, John, do. Palmer, John, do. Price, Peter. Poor, John; tried and acquitted. Park, Abijah. Proctor, Joshua. Palmer, Richard, Surrendered and discharged. Perlie, Peter. Patterson, John, surrendered and discharged. Piles, William. Proctor, Joshua Rankin, James. Roberta, John. Rankin, John. Roberts, Owen. Reine, George. Reine, John. Ross, Malcolm. Roker, Thomas. Riddle, James, surrendered and discharged. Robeson, Peter, do. Romigh, Jacob. Rodgers, John. Rickey, Alexander. Register, Daniel, surrendered and discharged. Rymel, John. Ross, William. Russel, Matthew. Rhoden, William. Roberts, Nathan. Robeson, John. Robeson, Jonathan, Junr. Roberts, John (Laborer). Roberts, John (Smith). Richardson, Jacob, surrendered and discharged. Rundle, Daniel, surrendered and discharged. Reid, John. Ross, Alexander. Rankin, William. Story, Enoch. Stephenson, James. Smith, John. Skyles, Henry. Swanwick, John. Sutton, Joseph. Sanderson, Francis, surrendered and discharged. Sproat, David. Story, Thomas, surrendered and discharged. Stephens, James, tried and acquitted. Stedman, Charles, Junr. Shepherd, John. Sutter, Peter, surrendered and discharged. Saur, Christopher, Junr. Saur, Christopher, Senr. Shoemaker, Joseph, surrendered and discharged. Supplee, Enoch. Spangler, George. Saur, Peter. Styer, Stephen, surrendered and discharged. Skelton, William. Stackhouse, John. Stackhouse, John. Swift, Joseph. Stroud, William, surrendered and discharged. Supplee, John, do. ignoramus bill. Smith, William, do. Spering, John. Stackhouse, John. Stackhouse, Robert. Snyder, Peter. Smith, Alexander. Smith, William Drewett Stedman, Alexander. Silkod, Thomas. Shaw, Jonathan. Styger, Stephen, surrendered and discharged. Stiles, Edward, do. Swanwick, Richard. Skyles, Henry. Smither, James. Stansbury, Joseph, surrendered and discharged. Smith, Andrew, surrendered and discharged. Stillwell, John. Staulks, Henry. Strininger, Henry. Sinclair, George. Simpson, William. Shoemaker, Samuel. Thomas, Arthur. Thomas, Joseph. Thomas, William Talbot, John Trego, Jacob. Thomas, Joshua. Thomas, Joshua. Tittly, Benjamin. Town, Benjamin. Taylor, William. Taylor, William. Tolly, John. Thomson, David. Taylor, John. Taylor, John. Thomas, Arthur. Todd, Cortland. Taylor, Isaac. Talbert, James. Thomas, Evans. Turner, John. Vernon, Nathamel, Junr. Vernon, Nathaniel. Verner, Frederick. Vernon, Gideon. Vernor, Elias. Vaughan, John. Voght, Christian. Walton, Allinson. Willet, Walter. Wilson, John. Welflang, Henry. Whitman, Michael. Wharton, Carpenter. Wharton, Isaac. Williams, William. William, Ephraim. Wilson, Christopher. Worrall, Isaiah. Wood, Moses. Willis, William. Willis, Richard. Wilson, John. White, Robert. Warrel, James. Wright, William. Weston, Richard. Weitner, George. Wright, John. Wertman, Philip George. Wright, Joathan. Williams, Daniel. Walker, Isaac. Warder, John. Waln, James. Worthington, Joseph. West, William, Junr. Yeldall, Anthony. Young, John. Yeldall, Anthony. York, Thomas. Young, David. SECRETARY'S OFFICE, LANCASTER. September 18th, 1802 I do certify to all whom it may concern, that the foregoing is a true copy of the Original, remaining on file, in the said Office. Witness my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid. (Sgd.) T. M. TH0MPS0N, Sec. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill Martin, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. email My Main Site at My Secondary Site at