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WoooHoooo the Club!

Hello all!So do you want to join the Leo's Loft Club? When you in the the club you get to get a newletter every week! For free mailed to you via email. This weekly newletter tells you all about Leo Gossip pics and even prizes from our contest!!! You even get to help out with our web page if you want!! OK if you would like to join email me with the following info!

Name Age State Email-One that I can get in touch with you That's all and then we can see if you would want to be an officer?

Ok positions that I need now are..... Vice Pres(1) Secretary(1) Treasurer(1) Speacial Informists(6)

If you do not apply for it then you will be Loftee....not as much fun though but you get cool stuff... All officers get to do cool stuff when they can like..Interviews surveys contests and hey maybe they might even get to tlak to Leo? Anyways to become an officer you will have to send kinda like a speech to me. In this speech you have to say why you would like to become it, why you will be good at it..anything that will get people to vote for you. Your speech will be posted on the page then Club members will have to vote for you. Applications are due by July 10 1998. Voting will start on July 12. Goodluck! If you have any questions then email me. Oh yeah b4 I forget.....You must be a loftee first before you apply for a officer postion and an Officer postion only lasts for a year then we have re-election... Ok goodluck and remeber e mail if you have any questions!..I am always here~