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Jose Carreras

"One thing was absolutely clear: each hour, each minute had become so very precious to me. It had taken a devastating illness to make me realize the importance of certain things„things that are a self-evident truth and should be apparent at first glance. Unfortunately, most of us just don't take the time to think about the obvious. But to my mind, it's well worth our while to do so. Even the cliche, "You only live once" is not really trite. It's a statement that deserves our greatest respect and attention."

Jose Carreras "Singing From The Soul"

Jose Carreras

For me one of the most important reasons to like Jose Carreras is history of his disease and his victory over it. I think, it is very important for him too.

For Carreras, his diagnosis came in Paris on July 16th, 1987, the French national holiday Bastille Day...

Here you can find the bigger extract from his book "Singing From The Soul". It is really moving and touching story. One of those which catch your heart and help you in your life. (Click on the portrait on the right, please)

Asked whether the tenors would join Britain's top girl group to further their love of the football, Jose Carreras joked: "Who are the Spice Girls?"

How can you resist him after that?!

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Jose Carreras Photo and Sound Gallery...

New! Now - 5 parts of the Gallery :

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  • Part 2 - 'Songs',
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  • Part 4 - 'Three Tenors',
  • Part 5 - 'Jose Carreras sings Andrew Lloyd Webber'!

    More than 50 new records of Jose Carreras voice!

    To be honest - I really liked it myself... (before it all got apart for some reasons... I am trying to put it back together now :-) So - please bear with me for now...)

    Part 1 of the Gallery Part 2 of the Gallery Part 3 of the Gallery Part 4 of the Gallery Part 5 of the Gallery

    Jose Carreras

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    My Three Tenors Video Collection

    Three Thenors. The Impossible Dream.1990 Three Thenors. Rome.1990 Three Thenors. LA.1994 Three Thenors. Paris.1998

    Now I've got on video all three famous concerts of Three Tenors. Before, when I saw them on TV, I always thought, that the previous one was better than the following. Now I saw them all one after another and I can say for certain - the best one is the concert in Paris. They had a new repertuar with few absolutely marvelous pieces, which they did not sing before. After all - they simply sung a lot more in Paris than anywhere else.

    I was very happy to realize it, because Paris is my favorite city, I simply adore it. On my Three Tenors Page you can listen to some records of Paris concert.

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