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Links to the Other Hells
The Eternal Champion
The Multiverse at a Glance
New Skills and Abilities
The Magistrate (The Mage Guild and Random Determination Tables for GURPS Magic Items I)
Greetings, this page is dedicated to my interpretation of Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series. As an avid fan, I have often tried to recreate the flavor of the Multiverse in various Roleplaying far the most flexible is Steve Jackson's GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System). I welcome comments and additions to this page as it is a work in progress. All gaming references are to the GURPS rules and all literary references are to Michael Moorcock (see reference page for all of you curious people).

What I have attempted to do is recreate each of the incarnations of the Eternal Champion into adventures and experiences that players and GMs alike should have a blast with. There are many changes I've had to make, Magic, Religion, New Skills, etc...but so far it's worth it from a GM point of view and my players aren't complaining either.


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Last Modified: 29 March 2000